Top marks for social commitment.  The evaluation was conducted as part of the study “Corporate Citizenship: From philanthropic outsider to competence center in sustainable businesses” by the consulting firm Wider Sense.

A new study examines the corporate citizenship involvement of DAX-40 companies

DHL Group is one of three companies to receive the highest rating

For years, the logistics company has been a pioneer in the field of corporate citizenship with its programs  GoHelp, GoTeach, GoTrade and GoGreen

DHL Group has received the highest “integrated” rating for its corporate citizenship engagement, making it one of only three DAX-40 companies to achieve this distinction. The evaluation was conducted as part of the study “Corporate Citizenship: From philanthropic outsider to competence center in sustainable businesses” by the consulting firm Wider Sense. The authors of the study examine the social engagement of DAX companies, assessing factors such as its scope, sustainability, credibility, and impact.

The study, which was presented in Frankfurt am Main in March, is already being published for the third time in 2024. In the years 2017 and 2021, DHL Group was classified with the second-highest rating of “strategic.” In 2024, the company now rose to the highest rating level of “integrated.” According to the authors of the study, DHL Group “integrates corporate citizenship into its core business, thereby generating tangible win-win situations for both society and the company.” This is the first time that this rating has been awarded.

Global commitment to social and environmental causes

DHL Group invests one percent of its net profit annually in initiatives that make a positive societal impact and improve the lives of people worldwide. A central pillar are the four Go Programs: GoHelp, GoTeach, GoTrade, and GoGreen. Through GoHelp, employees of DHL Group in so-called Disaster Response Teams have been providing global disaster relief for over 20 years, in close collaboration with the United Nations and local NGOs. In the event of a natural disaster, members of the Disaster Response Teams utilize their logistics expertise on-site. Additionally, DHL is active in disaster preparedness. The employability initiative GoTeach supports young people in transitioning from school to the workforce and works closely with SOS Children’s Villages and the Teach For All education network in more than 70 countries. Our GoTrade program aims to open doors to global marketplaces for  small and medium-sized enterprises in developing and emerging markets also by reducing global trade barriers and bureaucracy. Under GoGreen, DHL Group consolidates its environmental and climate protection measures, through which the company aims to achieve its climate protection goal of zero emissions by 2050. In this endeavor, DHL Group e.g. relies on the commitment of its employees for certifying them as GoGreen experts.

Christoph Selig, Vice President Sustainability Communications and Programs at DHL Group: “The top rating confirms our long-standing commitment to developing effective solutions for social challenges together with our partners. It is also a great recognition for the hundreds of thousands of employees who volunteer with us for a wide range of social purposes. Our corporate goal is to connect people and improve lives.”

In addition to the Go Programs, voluntary engagement holds a high value at DHL Group. For many years, numerous employees are actively involved in the integration of refugees. We have been able to offer around 20,000 employment contracts since 2015. And since 2008, thousands of voluntary social and environmental actions have been carried out every year through our Global Volunteer Day format, with 100.000 employees contributing in the past year, providing over 300.000 hours of volunteer work for society. Many of the projects receive financial support through the company’s own “Improving Lives Fund.” Employees who, together with a non-profit partner organization, advocate for social or environmental causes can apply for funds from the fund regardless of the Global Volunteer Day.

Source: DHL Group