Our History

Early 1990s

Efforts towards reforming the postal market began in the early 1990s, as part of the push to create a single European market.


Following a decision taken by CEPT (European Conference of Telecommunications and Postal Administrations), PostEurop was formed in 1993 to represent the interest of national postal operators towards governments or national regulatory authority responsible for postal sector policies.

PostEurop also took over the management of the EUROPA stamps as well as the responsibility for keeping the EUROPA tradition of the EUROPA stamps and ensuring its development. The EUROPA logo was introduced.

Established under Belgian law, PostEurop formed an Association Headquarter in Brussels which is managed by the Secretary General and operates under the supervision of elected Management Board. Members are elected to the Board during the Plenary Assembly and according to the provisions of the Association’s Statues and Internal Regulations.

2022 Association Statutes as approved at the GA on 1 June

The 26 founding Members included: Posta Shqiptare (Albania), Osterreichische Post (Austria), bpost (Belgium), Bulgarian Post (Bulgaria), Hrvatska posta (Croatia), Cyprus Post (Cyprus), Post Danmark (Denmark), Itella Corporation (Finland), Groupe La Poste (France), Deutsche Post (Germany), Magyar Posta (Hungary), Islandspostur (Iceland), An Post (Ireland), Poste Italiane (Italy), Liechtensteinische Post (Liechtenstein), Enterprise des Postes et des Telecommunications Luxembourg (Luxembourg), MaltaPost (Malta), PostNL (Netherlands), Posten Norge (Norway), Poczta Polska (Poland), CTT-Correios (Portugal), Posta Romana (Romania), Correos (Spain), Posten (Sweden), Swiss Post (Switzerland) and the Royal Mail (United Kingdom).

This was followed by Česká Pošta (Czech Republic), Hellenic Post (Greece), Latvia Post (Latvia), Lietuvos Pastas (Lithuania), Slovenska Posta (Slovakia), Posta Slovenije (Slovenia) and PTT Turkish Post (Turkey) in the same year.

In 1993 the European Union Single Market is completed with the ‘four freedoms’ of: movement of goods, services, people and money.


Eesti Post (Estonia), La Poste de Monaco (Monaco), Russian Federation State Enterprise Russian Post (Russia), Direzione Generale Poste e Telecomunicazioni (San Marino), Ukrainian State Enterprise of Posts “Ukrposhta” (Ukraine) became Members of PostEurop.


The Channel Islands consisting of Guernsey Post (Guernsey), Jersey Post (Jersey) and Isle of Man Post Office (Isle of Man) became a Member of PostEurop.


In 1996, PostEurop signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Universal Postal Union (UPU) and became an officially recognised regional postal body or ‘Restricted Union’ of the UPU. This new status fosters closer collaboration on issues of mutual concern.

BH Posta (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Posta Moldovei (Moldova) and Makendonska Posta (Republic of North Macedonia) became Members of PostEurop.


The first Postal Service Directive was adopted by the European Parliament.



At its 1998 Plenary Assembly in Monaco, PostEurop Members agreed to structure the Association’s activities along three strategic corridors:

  • Better meeting customer needs
  • Promoting common interests
  • Increasing efficiency


2002 saw the organisation of the first EUROPA Stamps design competition during PostEurop’s Plenary Assembly held in Crete. The competition was created on an annual basis to encourage creativity and excellence in EUROPA stamp design.

The second Postal Service Directive was adopted by the European Parliament in 2002.


Public Enterprise of PTT Communications “Srbija” (Serbia) became a Member of PostEurop.


PostEurop adopted the ambitious Vilamoura strategy aimed to transform PostEurop into a leading organisation in the interest of Members.


PostEurop introduced a public voting procedure to elect the winners of the “Best EUROPA Stamp”


Pošta Crne Gore (Montenegro), Haypost C.J.S.C. (Armenia), Belpochta (Belarus), Hrvatska Pošta D.O.O. Mostar (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and Poste Srpske (Bosnia and Herzegovina) became Members of PostEurop.


PostEurop introduced the EUROPA Jury competition in which winners are judged by Philatelic experts. This complimentary competition runs parallel with the public voting competition.

JSC “Kazpost” (Kazakhstan) became a Member of PostEurop.


PostEurop welcomed its 50th Member into the PostEurop community, Georgian Post (Georgia).

The Vatican Post (Vatican City) became a Member of PostEurop.


Posten Ǻland (Aland) became a Member of PostEurop.

PostEurop celebrated its 20th Anniversary in Brussels, Belgium and to commemorate this celebration the 2013 competition theme for EUROPA stamps will be “Van of the Postman”.


Acerpost (Azerbaijan) became a Member of PostEurop


PostEurop rebranded and launched a new logo


PostEurop celebrated its 30th Anniversary.