Best Practice Sharing

The Best Practice Sharing Committee (BPSC) is a platform for exchange on best practices in the operational and interconnectivity area of letter and parcel services among members.

Felix Blaich
Chair of the BPSC
Deutsche Post
Jørgen Sondrup
Vice-Chair of the BPSC
Post Danmark

The Committee aims at providing its working groups with the necessary tools and information to drive quality, efficiency, data compliance and common standards across the membership networks.

It is a strong advocate of Innovation as well as “green” performance in postal services and the operational processes.

Focus areas

  • Performance & operations
  • Operational data
  • Remuneration
  • Innovation
  • Postal retail network
  • Health & work safety
  • Emerging industry trends
  • Stamps & philately
  • Intelligence network
  • Green postal forum