About us

PostEurop unites European Postal Operators

PostEurop is the trade association that has been representing European postal operators since 1993. It is an officially recognised Restricted Union of the Universal Postal Union (UPU).

Its 55 members in 53 countries and territories collectively operate 175,000 retail counters, employ 2 million people and link 800 million people daily.

PostEurop promotes greater cooperation, sustainable growth and continuous innovation for the postal industry.

What we do

PostEurop is the link to postal expertise.

Its strategy is to promote the postal services which constitute key elements of members’ core activities.

The Association represents the interests of European postal operators to all relevant stakeholders.

It supports Members in sharing best practices, finding new and innovative ways of developing their activities in response to an ever-changing market conditions and demanding customer needs.

Structure of PostEurop

PostEurop is a member-driven organisation, governed by a Board of Directors, elected by its Members at the annual General Assembly.

The Board has the authority to take decisions on all relevant issues to support the overall Association strategy and is led by the Board elected Chairperson.


The Team

The PostEurop Headquarters, based in Brussels, is in charge of the daily management of the Association.

The day-to-day work of the PostEurop team is overseen by the Secretary General.