As part of its network opening, Swiss Post has entered into a partnership with Banque du Léman, the Geneva-based retail bank, which has chosen Swiss Post to help continue its expansion in French-speaking Switzerland.

The partnership begins on 1 May 2024, in 49 Swiss Post branches – in the cantons of Geneva, Vaud, Fribourg, Neuchâtel, Jura and Valais. At the explicit request of customers interested in a mortgage or savings solution, the staff at the counter forwards their details to Banque du Léman, who then contacts them to arrange a personal consultation. This gives customers more direct access to Banque du Léman’s financial products, making their day-to-day lives easier.

On 1 May 2024, Swiss Post and Banque du Léman are launching a new strategic partnership. A gradual expansion of the service is planned over the course of the year.

For Thomas Baur, Head of PostalNetwork and Member of the Executive Management of Swiss Post Group, this is a win-win situation: “The fact that Banque du Léman has joined our list of partners proves that opening up the network meets the needs of many businesses, who want to offer their customers personalized advice even in the digital age. At the same time, this enables Swiss Post to transform its branches into real service centers, bringing added value to the population.”

Pascal Duchaine, CEO of Banque du Léman, believes that the collaboration with Swiss Post will bear fruit: “In addition to digitization, Banque du Léman has chosen to continue developing customer relations as its core approach. We want to have more of a presence in the places where people in Western Switzerland live and work. This will allow us to strengthen our local presence and be even more accessible, offering simple yet effective services.”

Swiss Post continues to open up its network
In Swiss Post branches, Banque du Léman joins a number of strategic partners in the banking, insurance, health insurance, healthcare and public administration sectors. In an increasingly digitized world, personalized advice is becoming more and more important in the banking sector. Swiss Post meets this need by offering quality advice and opening up its network to partners.

Source: Swiss Post