The start of November sees the start of a busy festive period at Omniva, as people start preparing for Christmas.

‘The number of parcels being sent increases significantly already at the beginning of November, which is why it is very important that parcels do not remain in the parcel machines for a long time, but are picked up as quickly as possible,’ emphasised Kristi Unt, the Estonian Country Manager at Omniva.

‘It is commendable that people are not leaving Christmas shopping to the last minute and are starting to buy presents now. E-Monday (6/11), Black Friday (24/11), and Cyber Monday (27/11) are shopping holidays when Estonian people buy Christmas presents. These days also boost the parcel volumes of Omniva,’ Unt said.
‘We have prepared thoroughly for this. Parcel volumes are increasing, the work in the sorting centre is in full swing, and couriers are busy delivering parcels to people,’ Unt said. ‘Although Omniva has the largest network of parcel machines in Estonia, we have further expanded it by adding new locations as well as increasing the number of existing machines. This year, we have added and plan to add nearly 40 new parcel machines to our network and we have also updated our parcel machine software to ensure greater reliability and an even better customer experience. Along with our hard-working couriers, seasonal staff also handle large volumes of parcels, as well as colleagues from the office.’
Simple tips
Everyone can contribute to getting parcels to people faster. ‘The quicker a parcel is picked up, the quicker couriers can fill the machines with new parcels, meaning that the parcel machine can serve more people in a shorter time,’ Unt said. If your work allows it, she recommends picking up your parcel during the day. So it is smart to choose a parcel machine close to your workplace. In addition, if a person has more than one parcel in the machine, they should make sure that they remove all parcels from the machine.
Make sure to visit to review your personal preferences for parcel machines. Saving your preferences takes a few minutes, but saves you from situations where it is difficult to collect the parcel,’ said Unt. ‘You can indicate up to five preferred parcel machines: if there is no more room for parcels in a parcel machine, the courier can take your parcel to another nearby parcel machine. This way, people can get their parcels faster and do not have to wait for a particular parcel machine to become available,’ she suggested.
‘For business customers, we offer a convenient option to put several parcels in one parcel machine, but please note that only business customers can do this by preregistering their parcels in the My Omniva environment. This will allow us to use the parcel machines more efficiently and also offer a more convenient service to our customers – one code is all it takes to receive all your parcels,’ Unt said.
Last year, Omniva delivered 1.5 million parcels to people in Estonia during November and December, of which 1.2 million were delivered via parcel machines. The most popular machines are filled up to 5–6 times a day.
Source: Omniva