PostEurop welcomes the call for input regarding ERGP work programme 2023. This is the opportunity to make a contribution to ERGP’s work and to bring out the main issues to tackle in the postal sector. In this context, PostEurop salutes the fact that this programme will be prepared in parallel with the Medium Term Strategy 2023-2025, taking into account “the long-term challenges and developments of the postal sector, such as digitalisation, the Green Deal, the changes in consumers’ needs, in particular due to electronic substitution and e-commerce, and the effects of the pandemic, the duration and intensity of which cannot be predicted.”

Against this background, PostEurop believes ERGP should refocus its priorities for this new term and bring the issue of the sustainability of the provision of the universal service to the core of its agenda, in line with its mission according to the applicable regulatory framework. Given ERGP’s important role monitoring the market and its contribution for fact-based policies, as well as harmonising the regulatory enforcement by its members, PostEurop takes this chance to reaffirm some key principles.

Last year, PostEurop contributed to the consultation on the ERGP’s work programme for 2022 and on the Commission’s evaluation reports on the implementation of the postal service directive and the cross-border parcel delivery services regulation.

As all this delivered input is recent and still very valid, for this new call for input regarding ERGP work programme 2023, PostEurop’s Members would like to recall these positions that were already published in previous position papers and consultations1.