Posti returns as the main partner of the Football Association of Finland with a three-year contract.

The foundation of the cooperation is built on common values, the focus of which is sustainability.

With more than 160,000 registered players, football is the most popular sport in Finland. The game connects people from countless different backgrounds on the fields and in the stands. Football’s multiculturalism and inclusiveness are attractive factors that we want to promote and strengthen, and for which both Posti and the Football Association of Finland are working long-term.

Posti is also strongly involved in supporting the central symbol and image of the world of values of Finnish football and futsal, the Green Card. Since 1996, the green card has served as the only card in football matches for under-12s and it is given for the operation of fair play, which we want to highlight and strengthen. Up to 200,000 green cards are distributed annually at fields all over Finland. The green card has been a registered trademark of the Football Association of Finland since 1998.

“Football is one of the most multicultural sports in Finland, and Posti is not only one of the largest but also one of the most multicultural employers in Finland. As a company, we want to promote diversity and non-discrimination in society and convey an anti-racism message. It’s great to be able to promote equality and fair play in cooperation with Football Association of Finland”, says Posti’s VP, Stakeholder Relations & Director of Sustainability Anna Storm.

Posti has been a partner of the Football Association of Finland and the A national soccer teams also for about twenty years starting in 1994. The cooperation therefore also has a historically strong foundation.

“We are proud to have a sustainable and historic domestic company like Posti as our main cooperation partner. Football Association of Finland and Posti are very close to each other in their worlds of values, and especially sustainability and reliability are important values for both of us. The green card as part of the cooperation perfectly symbolizes this”, says Mikko Varis, Sales and Marketing Director of the Football Association of Finland.

Source: Posti Group