PostEurop welcomes the public consultation on the ERGP Work Programme for 2022 and appreciates the opportunity to give its opinion on this programme.

In March 2021, PostEurop already had opportunity to share its views answering the ERGP call for input for its Work Programme 2022 (see Position Paper on ERGP Work Programme 2022). All the positions explained in this position paper still remain valid and apply to the Work Programme 2022 currently under consultation especially regarding Pillar II of the 2022 WP “Promoting a competitive EU postal market”.

Moreover, PostEurop had the opportunity to answer this year and last year to ERGP reports on consumers in the postal sector1 (see Position Paper on ERGP Report on the contractual situation of consumers of postal services and our letter in response to ERGP

Report on Key Consumer Issues (ERGP PL I (20) 8)). Our answers apply to the Pillar III of the 2022 WP “Empowering end-users”.

For the Work Programme 2022, considering its previous inputs, PostEurop would like to focus its contribution on three topics, deliverable #5, deliverable #8 and deliverable #10.