PostEurop Members CSR experts have expressed their wish to do something actionable for society and the environment celebrating PostEurop’s 30th anniversary this year, beyond raising awareness on Sustainability issues. Hence, the collaboration with Let’s Do it World on this year’s “World Cleanup Day”. Through the PostEurop CSR Activities Circle, CSR experts and headquarters, a campaign was launched to engage the postal employees to join the millions of volunteers, governments, and organisations across the world to tackle the global waste problem, and promote a cleaner environment in the community we live in.

Waste pollution has a direct impact on our environment, and it is a global problem requiring a global solution, even in the most isolated places. The Global Waste Management Outlook estimates that hundreds of millions of tonnes of illegal waste end up in nature and in the oceans every year. 80% of the waste dumped in the oceans comes from land far from the coast.

“This cooperation between Let’s Do it World and PostEurop is a first step in a mutual journey to not only doing a cleanup action but to also set an example of how large organisations can help to make a difference in changing the world” – Heidi Solba, President of Let’s Do it World.

“Postal operators’ industry have a vast network spanning across the continent, even to the most remote places made possible with over 50-member postal operators, employing around 2 million workers. Moreover, volunteerism and employees’ engagement towards the community is part of the postal DNA in its long history especially when there is a crisis” – Margaux Meidinger, Chair of the PostEurop CSR Activities Circle.

Volunteer work such as World Cleanup Day has proven to be a valuable experience both for postal employees and their communities as it raises further awareness on the impact different types of waste can have directly on the environment.

Contributing to the 2023 World Cleanup Day on 16 September, 18 postal operators are engaging hundreds of employees to come together to organise cleanups in various locations and here is a list of Postal Operators Cleanup actions! We encourage volunteers to sign-up where possible.

“As key players in the economic and social life of all European countries, Postal operators place sustainability at the core of their actions.  We have seen in recent years how climate change has an impact on our environment, community, and the way we interact with the environment.  This includes how we manage our waste such as reducing single-use plastics, recycling. Hence, I am very proud that many of our members take part in this important collaboration and help to set a good example for other industries” – Elena Fernandez, Chairwoman of the PostEurop Board of Directors.

“In the last three decades, PostEurop has grown significantly as an Association contributing to postal activities across Europe.  The 30th Anniversary is the perfect occasion to reflect as an industry and join forces to help foster a cleaner environment in which we live in. We look forward to the myriad of activities.  Together we can do more” – Botond Szebeny, PostEurop Secretary General.


About World Cleanup Day
World Cleanup Day is an annual global social action program aimed at combating the global solid waste problem, including the problem of marine debris. It is coordinated by the global organization Let’s Do It! World, headquartered in Tallinn, Estonia. The next World Cleanup Day is 16 September 2023.





For more information or if you want to get involve, please contact:

Margaux Meidinger
Chairwoman of the PostEurop CSR Activities Circle
T: +31 55 44 23 73

Cynthia Wee Neumann
Communications Manager
T: +2 2 773 11 92