PostEurop, together with its Members’ CSR experts, is happy to have jointly participated in this year’s global World Cleanup Day action led by Let’s Do it World, while celebrating PostEurop’s 30th Anniversary. In addition to raising awareness on Sustainability issues and promoting a cleaner environment, the activities also brought volunteers together in a fun-filled environment.

Let’s Do it World (LDIW) reported that this year’s World Cleanup Day saw engagement from 91% of the world’s countries involving 19.1 million volunteers from around the globe.

“The updated overall results also reveal that, since the first World Cleanup Day in 2018, the LDiW movement has spread in both depth and width – reaching 95% of all countries listed by the United Nations and engaging nearly 91 million participants – thus elevating overall engagement beyond the 1.1% mark in terms of global population moving closer to LDiW target of 5%, the tipping point needed for societal behavioural change” expressed Heidi Solba, LDiW President & Head of Global Network.

As part of a European initiative to celebrate the Association’s 30 years in existence, over two thousand postal volunteers rolled-up their sleeves and took part in clean-up activities organised within the 18 national postal operators in numerous locations on and around 16 September. Together they collected tonnes of rubbish.

During PostEurop’s General Assembly, a special moment was dedicated to share the results and feedback from this successful initiative coordinated among its members.

“We are proud of every one of the employees who participated in our coordinated World Cleanup Day action. The feedback has been very positive and it has been very inspiring to see this large commitment on the field. We are happy to be able to contribute to a fraction of this global initiative and learn to appreciate a cleaner environment at the same time” stated Margaux Meidinger, Chair of the PostEurop CSR Activities Circle.

Here are some words from postal volunteers:

“It was nice to participate in the Cleanup Day and I hope that each of us, in our own small way, continues to do it because there is a real need. Only by participating in this initiative, I realized how many cigarette butts are dispersed in nature, an unimaginable quantity. As well as children’s lollipop sticks. It was a wonderful experience of collaboration, the Poste Italiane group with the black hats of PostEurop worked hard together with many other young people of good will. I thank everyone and see you soon for the next initiative – Paola, Poste Italiane (Italy).

“It was heartwarming to see our team come together to contribute to this important cause. The sense of community and environmental responsibility was truly inspiring. Our team remains committed to supporting initiatives like World Cleanup Day, and we’re excited about the positive impact we can continue to make in our community and for the environment. We are already looking forward to future opportunities to participate in similar events and make a difference.” – Adriana Tiago Costa, CTT Portugal Post (Portugal).

“The action of our volunteers may be just a drop in the ocean, but symbolically it is extremely valuable. Because in this way we are sounding the alarm and reminding Romanians of the hundreds of millions of tonnes of illegal waste that end up in nature and in the oceans every year. In the face of this tragedy, we have an obligation to take a stand and even the smallest step counts” – Claudia Bibere, Posta Romana (Romania).

“As in previous years, this voluntary World Cleanup Day campaign once again proved to be an added-value experience for postal workers and wider society in terms of raising further awareness of environmental problems and of the direct impact of pollution on the natural world” – Anita Zibrat, Posta Slovenije (Slovenia).

“We are pleased to have supported World Cleanup Day. It’s had an immediate and positive impact on our local environment, and I think we are all quite shocked at just how much rubbish we collected in a short space time” – Dawn Gallienne, Guernsey Post (Guernsey).

You can view the special video here.


About World Cleanup Day
World Cleanup Day is an annual global social action program aimed at combating the global solid waste problem, including the problem of marine debris. It is coordinated by the global organization Let’s Do It! World, headquartered in Tallinn, Estonia.