PostEurop welcomes the call for input regarding ERGP work programme 2022. This is the opportunity to make a contribution to ERGP’s work and to bring out the main issues to tackle in the postal sector.

In September 2020, PostEurop contributed to the consultation on the ERGP’s work programme for 2021, on the ERGP Report on Key Consumer Issues (ERGP PL I (20) 8) and the ERGP Report on Postal Definitions (ERGP PL I (20) 7).

As all this delivered input is recent and still very valid, for this new call for input regarding ERGP work programme 2022, PostEurop’s Members would like to recall these positions that were already published in previous position papers and consultations1.

In view of the above, PostEurop’s members would reiterate that:

We support a regulatory framework that leaves space for subsidiarity

The Postal Directive achieved the full opening of the European postal markets in 2011 (in 2013 for some specific countries), organised around common structuring principles such as affordability, accessibility, universality, cost orientation and supervision by independent national regulatory authorities.