While there are a lot of similarities between the Nordic countries that make it easy to view the Nordic region as a single, uniform market, there are also plenty of differences in consumer behavior. This is confirmed in our brand new report E-Commerce in The Nordics, which is being published today.

Annemarie Gardshol

Today, May 28, sees the publication of the report that looks at the similarities and differences in e-commerce in the Nordic region and shows how consumer behavior has developed and changed during the year, which it is more important than ever for e-retailers to know about.

“The Nordic region is often treated as one single market. However, this report shows that there are numerous differences between the countries in terms of customer preferences, such as delivery methods. The report also shows that although it is popular to shop from neighboring countries, the proportion of purchases made from providers outside the Nordic region is increasing, with market participants such as Zalando, Amazon, Shein and Temu steadily increasing their market share,” comments Annemarie Gardshol, President and Group CEO of PostNord.

We compiled the same kind of report annually between 2010 and 2019, thereby tracking how Nordic customers increased their online shopping. Then came the pandemic and e-commerce exploded. After a couple of years of negative growth, all the Nordic countries also had a tough 2023. But 2024 looks more promising for the Nordic economy, according to forecasts. The reason we are now publishing our e-commerce report again is because we see how the demands on e-retailers are increasing. They need to keep up to date with the latest developments, and our report is an important tool in this respect.

“Consumers are becoming increasingly experienced and discerning in their online shopping habits, and want multiple delivery options, flexible payment methods and seamless international purchases. This report provides valuable knowledge and insights to help e-retailers stay abreast of evolving consumer preferences,” says Annemarie.

Download the report

You can download this year’s report on postnord.com under Insights.

About the report

In collaboration with HUI Research, the E-commerce in the Nordics 2024 report is based on interviews via online panels in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland. The surveys were conducted using a representative selection of the national population aged 18-79 years in each country and took place during March and April 2024.

Source: PostNord