We would like to inform you of a recent change within the PostEurop Board of Directors following the PostEurop 134th board meeting.

PostEurop Board of Directors

We welcome Mr. Dariusz Prosiecki (Poczta Polska) who has replaced his colleague Krysztof Górski as new member of the Board of Directors, following organisational changes within Poczta Polska. He has also taken over the role of Vice-chair of the UPU Affairs Committee of PostEurop (UAC).

Dariusz has been associated with the media market in Poland for over 20 years. Having extensive experience in communication, negotiation, organisation, and international cooperation. While working as a journalist for one of the most famous television stations in Poland, he mainly dealt with topics related to defense, secret services, politics, and international relations. Reporting on many global armed conflicts, including the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Georgia, Kosovo and Chad. He was also a special envoy to important presidential elections and to the summits of the European Union and NATO. Most recently Dariusz worked at the Polish Air Navigation Services Agency. His duties included building international relations and contacts with European Union bodies.

Later, he took the position of Director of the Department of Communication and Marketing at Employers of Poland (an institution representing the interests of Polish employers, which, among other, supports economic development and building a dialogue between business and public authorities). Here he was responsible for contacts with the European Commission and the European Parliament. He was also a member of SGI Europe. As of 2024 in Poczta Polska, Dariusz is responsible among other folders, for international institutional cooperation, bilateral contacts with designated postal operators and international postal operations.

On behalf of all Members, we would like to welcome Dariusz in his new role and wish him all the success in this function. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank Krysztof for all the accomplishments and his long-lasting contribution to the PostEurop community.

Best regards,
Botond Szebeny
Secretary General