A new Nordic data platform based on Microsoft technologies has been created in collaboration between PostNord, Microsoft, and Reinsight.  The new platform makes PostNord a data-driven company which is a prerequisite for being the leading provider of parcel and logistics services in the Nordics.

A data platform is a software platform used for collecting, storing, and managing large amounts of data often from various sources.

The idea of a new Nordic data platform with the possibility to replace old legacy data systems was founded in PostNord about a year ago. Since then, a dedicated PostNord team has been working to build and implement the new platform. The team includes a tech lead, scrum master, enterprise architect, solution architect, data architect, business analyst, product owner, and many more. Even college graduates have contributed to the making of the platform.

The PostNord data platform team has closely collaborated with the legacy system teams following a lean-agile way of working. In developing and implementing the new data platform, PostNord has been assisted and supported by Microsoft and Reinsight. The data platform is built leveraging several Microsoft solutions, combining Microsoft Azure Data Lake, Azure Databricks, Azure Synapse Analytics, and Microsoft Power BI.

One single platform for all data
In a world of modern technologies and great competition, the handling of data becomes crucial in succeeding.

With the new data platform, PostNord can store an enormous amount of data in one single platform. Along with improving PostNord’s ability to optimize its business and save money due to data synergies, accessibility, and visualization, the new platform supports PostNord in its environmental goals. For example, the platform creates a better foundation for a smarter distribution of parcels by reducing the number of kilometers driven and thereby lowering the CO2 impact.

Not just a technical solution
“When building the new data platform for PostNord, we not only build a new technical solution, but a new way of working based on less need for research and more data available directly”, Jonas Larsson, COO at Reinsight tells. “This is a huge time saver for employees and teams depending on the data. They can spend less time searching for the needed data and at the same time collect data with higher quality and reliability.”

The goal is to onboard the users of the platform in a safe way and ultimately making it a self-service platform.

What makes PostNord a special case?
“For one, PostNord is a major player in logistics”, Thomas Floberg, COO at Microsoft Sweden starts. “We can all relate to PostNord since most of us use PostNord as private persons. Secondly, PostNord is highly dependent on data. In many ways, data handling becomes the focal point in PostNord and improving the data handling can therefore benefit the entire organization.”
“Also, PostNord is an open-minded and interested organization and there is a thrive to become data driven”, Jonas Larsson adds. “PostNord shows a willingness to be first movers regarding technical solutions but without compromising on its trait to be a people-oriented organization.”

Great collaboration between PostNord, Microsoft, and Reinsight
Frida Nellros is head of Advanced Analytics & Automation in PostNord’s IT department. Data collection and analysis are founded here.

“When we decided to build the new platform, we chose Microsoft and Reinsight first and foremost because they fulfilled our demands within our scope”, Frida Nellros says. “Choosing Microsoft, we could also benefit from using the same supplier for more solutions.”

Along with Reinsight, Microsoft has had a close collaboration with PostNord for years. All three parties planned the platform together and part of this was understanding the business requirements, preparing proof of concept, holding workshops, creating use cases, migrating etc.

“Besides all the new and rewarding features of this state-of-the-art platform, it is crucial that it also generates the possibility to replace and thereby terminate some of the old legacy systems of data handling in PostNord”, Frida Nellros ends.

Source: PostNord