The integrated annual report provides an overview of La Poste Groupe’s activities and achievements in 2023, and presents its ESG commitments and strategic ambitions, as well as its financial and non-financial results. The group’s positive impact is particularly highlighted.

The group has transformed its strategic model. In 2023, this was illustrated by numerous achievements in all of La Poste’s businesses, from the development of local services to expansion in healthcare, urban logistics. By reconciling financial performance with serving the public interest, La Poste Groupe aims to increase its positive impact for the common good. This Integrated Annual Report presents the group’s progress made in 2023 and the proof of its positive impact.

“We have completely transformed La Poste Groupe’s strategic model. It is now more diversified, more digital and more international than it was ten year sago. The group’s ability to transform, expand and contribute to the major transitions taking place in society is truly remarkable. With the support of our shareholders – Caisse des Dépôts and the French State – and thanks to the commitment of our teams, I am convinced that this is our greatest strength in supporting millions of customers throughout the country, by serving all and being useful to everyone.” Philippe Wahl, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of La Poste Groupe

This Integrated Annual Report is based on the Value Reporting Foundation framework (formerly, the International Integrated Reporting Council). It highlights the positive and measurable impacts of La Poste Groupe’s transformation on society, the economy and the environment. These impacts are illustrated throughout the document in a series of “impact story ”, success stories about key, high-impact events.

It also gives the floor to three witnesses representing the group’s stakeholders: Éric LOMBARD, Chief Executive Officer of Caisse des Dépôts and member of the Board of Directors of La Poste; Gil AVÉROUS, Mayor of Châteauroux, Chairman President of Châteauroux Métropole, Director of La Poste Groupe and member of La Poste’s Mission Committee; Fatima RIAHI, founder and director of solidarity-based market garden business Les Jardins de la Montagne Verte and member of La Poste’s Mission Committee.

Source: La Poste Groupe