Poșta Română, the postal services leader in Romania, has begun its procurement procedure for an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.

This strategic move marks another significant step in the Company’s digital evolution, representing a firm commitment to the continuous improvement of operational efficiency and services offered.

The National Company ” Poșta Română ” is going through the biggest digitisation process in its history. The modernisation of the bureaucratic processes that have hampered the daily activities of both our employees and customers will finally become a reality. The implementation of the ERP system will radically transform the way Romanian Post manages its internal processes, bringing us much closer to efficiently meet the needs of the nearly 8 million customers who cross our threshold. This system will significantly reduce the time and effort required for administrative activities, being an additional help for the approximately 21,000 employees.

The realization of this project is not without its challenges. Poșta Română navigated through an extensive bureaucratic process to ensure compliance with all national and European regulations and standards. Our team’s sustained efforts demonstrate an ongoing commitment to operating in a transparent and accountable manner. “This acquisition is essential to the institutional revival of the Romanian Post. The implementation of an integrated ERP type system will contribute both to the modernization of the Company’s technological infrastructure and to redefining the way we contribute to Romania’s digital economy. We will not stop here” declares Valentin Ștefan, the general director of the National Company “Romanian Post”.

Source: Poșta Română