Guernsey Post is nearing the end of a redesign of its postal headquarters and is preparing for the installation of its first parcel sorting machine, a significant milestone in its transformation programme.

The building works, which started in January, are almost complete with the new space now ready to house the £1.8m parcel sorting machine. The 50-metre-long machine, capable of sorting over 6,000 parcels an hour, will be built onsite by specialist engineers and is expected to be operational by September.

Steve Sheridan, Finance Director of Guernsey Post said, “This is a significant milestone in our transformation programme and this investment will enable us to improve our ability to handle the growing volume of parcels efficiently. The redesign of our headquarters will increase our operational floor space by 50%.”

Boley Smillie, CEO of Guernsey Post added “To ensure we have enough space whilst the installation takes place about a third of our delivery staff have been relocated to a satellite office at Bulwer Avenue, which is similar to the way in which we operated during the pandemic. Our customers should see very little impact during this eight-week period. When the building works and installation is complete all our teams will return to Envoy House, well ahead of our busy final quarter of the year.”

Source: Guernsey Post