Guernsey Post has completed the latest phase of its transformation plan following the investment and installation of bespoke automated parcel sorting equipment at its Envoy House Headquarters. The OptiSorter was installed by Bowe Systec UK.

The primary function of the newly installed OptiSorter is to process parcels up to 20kg. The sorter can handle all mail formats up to that size and provides in-line weighing, volume scanning, and barcode and optical character recognition which can read hand-written addresses. It has a split chute design enabling items to be separated according to the size of the item at speeds of up to 6,400 per hour.

Boley Smillie Chief Executive at Guernsey Post said, “The completion of this project is a significant milestone in the evolution of Guernsey Post. We continue to experience significant growth in parcels as our traditional letter mail continues to decline and this investment will put the Company in the best possible position to achieve our commercial objectives and grow the business as efficiently as possible.”

Neil Pailing, Guernsey Post’s project lead for the procurement of the new parcel sorter said, “We have been working on the project for eighteen months which has also necessitated a significant redesign of our Postal Headquarters. The new sorter, which is now operational, can provide 183 sort selections split between two types of parcel chute dependant on the size of the item. In our first few days of operation, we have already achieved the 6,400 per item per hour maximum throughput of the machine, and we expect to reach a daily throughput of 30,000 parcels in the run up to Christmas.”

Steve Sheridan added, “Bowe Systec have been an excellent choice of supplier and I would also particularly like to extend my thanks to the project team at Guernsey Post who are to be
congratulated for their hard work and diligence over the course of the last eighteen months. We really are very proud of the result.”

Craig Bowers, Managing Director of Bowe Systec UK, expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration, saying, “Our partnership with Guernsey Post is a prime example of what can be achieved through shared dedication and innovation. We are proud to support Guernsey Post’s mission to enhance their mail processing capabilities.”

For further information please contact Dawn Gallienne, Head of Corporate Engagement, Guernsey Post