European Postal Operators prioritise facilitating the single market, promoting digital Europe and supporting sustainability

PostEurop, representing the European postal operators, has published its manifesto with priorities for the next EU legislative term (2019-2024). It stresses its commitment to offering a sustainable, efficient and innovative postal service across the EU and beyond to support a stronger and competitive EU economy.

PostEurop highlights three priority areas for driving progress in collaboration with European policy makers: Facilitating the single market, promoting digital Europe and supporting sustainability. The universal service remains relevant to social and economic inclusion. PostEurop calls for a framework flexible enough to ensure it remains sustainable, delivering for consumers and businesses across Europe.

“Delivery is part of our DNA,” explains Jean-Paul Forceville, Chairman of PostEurop. “Our members are an engine of economic growth and a cornerstone of the fast-growing e-commerce industry. We uphold the role of competition and market forces in driving the best market solutions in our sector and are investing widely to seize this opportunity. There is no justification for any further sector specific regulation.”

“We are developing new services, in order to meet evolving social, environmental and economic challenges and are confident that, by providing sustainable employment and reducing our ecological footprint we can create solutions to meet the needs of our customers today and in the future” adds Botond Szebeny, PostEurop’s Secretary General.

In providing the universal service, PostEurop members deliver a high-quality offering across the EU and beyond. They promote social inclusion by connecting consumers, businesses and communities. They are committed to introducing innovative delivery solutions and services adapted to changing customer needs.