PostEurop has on numerous occasions expressed concern regarding the abolition of the threshold on Low Value Consignments. This was articulated in our position paper published on 4 December 2019.
In view of the short time remaining for the introduction of the new customs and VAT system, we herewith want to reiterate that it is essential to postpone the abolishment of this threshold to a later date. We suggest postponing it to 1 July 2021.
PostEurop doubts that the IT required for implementation will be available in good time in all EU member states by 31 December, 2020. So far, almost all postal operators do not have the technical specifications for developing the required systems and the time window for an operative adjustment is getting shorter each day. In addition, the implementation at the year-end copes with heavy postal traffic, in which the volume of shipments in cross-border traffic increases dramatically. We therefore consider it absolutely necessary to postpone the timing of when the threshold is to be lifted beyond this year-end period.