Two exquisite new marine life stamps unveiled
Stamps available online at or in store at selected post offices nationwide from Thursday, 6th June 2024

An Post calls on the public to support its Beach and Waterways Clean-Up Day as two beautiful new marine life stamps are issued this June. Inland waters including streams, rivers, floodplains, lakes and swamps are home to around 100,000 animals and plants, with more than 33,000 aquatic species living in the seas around Europe. Amidst the challenges of overfishing, pollution and climate change, which threaten the fragile structure of underwater ecosystems, An Post is playing its part in safeguarding Ireland’s marine life for future generations.

Designed by Kildare-based, botanical illustrator and art tutor, Shevaun Doherty, ahead of World Ocean Day on June 8th, the stamps represent beautiful and important elements of Ireland’s underwater life.

The ‘N’ national rate stamp, which covers postage across the island of Ireland, features Carrageen Moss, a colourful fan-shaped algae found along the Irish coast that has been an important fertilizer and edible plant with medical properties for centuries.

The ‘W’ international rate stamp for posting worldwide features the Compass Jellyfish, a common species integral to local biodiversity. Harbouring young fish among its tentacles, it provides a vital food source for sea turtles and ocean sunfish.

The unicellular organisms or diatoms which feature on the specially designed First Day Cover Envelope are beautiful single-cell species that create about 25% of the atmosphere’s oxygen, reminding us of the complexities of biodiversity.

An Post’s Beach and Waterways Clean Up Day on June 8th is supported by waste company Panda, who will place 1100 litre industrial bins at eight locations around the country including Rathmullan Beach Co Donegal, Portmarnock Beach Co Dublin and Garretstown Beach Co Cork. An Post is encouraging the general public to take the time to rediscover their local beauty spots and urging people to bring home any litter they find, ultimately helping to preserve our underwater ecosystems.

Several conservation and biodiversity organisations and experts have weighed in on the initiative including young marine environmentalist, Flossie Donnelly from Flossie and the Beach Cleaners, restaurateur and sustainability advocate, JP McMahon, and biologist, environmentalist, author and educator, Éanna Ní Lamhna, and An Post employee Francesco De Marchis from Balbriggan DSU with his 11-year-old son, Nico De Marchis.

Commenting on the initiative Nicola Woods, Chief Transformation Officer, An Post says,

“This Europa stamp issue and the Beach and Waterway Clean-Up Day brings to life our purpose of acting for the common good and improving improving the quality of life in Ireland, now and for generations to come. Like so many of my An Post colleagues across Ireland, I will be visiting my local beach on Saturday, 8th and playing my part in the clean-up day, leaving the beach in a better state than I find it.”

Panda will place the bins at the following locations before 9am on Saturday, 8th June and collect them in the early evening.

Athlone – Lough Ree (Lake)
Donegal – Rathmullan Beach (Beachside)
Dublin – Portmarnock (N) – Portmarnock Beach (Beachside)
Kinsale – Garretstown Beach (Beachside)
Kerry – Banna Beach (Beachside)
Wexford – Rosslare Strand (Beachside)
Sligo – Enniscrone (Beachside)
Louth – Clogher Head (Beachside)

An Post urges the public to prioritise safety while enjoying Ireland’s beaches and waterways and to be aware of potential risks. For practical guidance, visit local authority websites for more information.

“Despite their bad wrap, Jellyfish and seaweed are in fact a sign of a healthy marine ecosystem” comments stamp designer, Shevaun Doherty. “Yes, they can sting, but the majority of these stings are mild and no more harmful than a bee sting” she adds.

To purchase the EUROPA stamps go online at or in-store at selected post offices nationwide from June 6th.