A Three-Dimensional Perspective On Postal Sector Sustainability

You started your new role at PostEurop in January – what excites you about your job?

I’m really happy taking on this new role because it’s a very challenging and interesting time for the sector. To be in a leadership position, you need a very holistic view of all the pressures – the risks and opportunities that the postal operators are currently facing. I have been the European Affairs Committee Chair at PostEurop for 7 years, so I am already familiar with the sector from a transversal perspective. Over the years I have built strong relations with members and different stakeholders, strengthening my holistic view of the sector; thus I am in a good position to take the sector forward. It is really important for me to feel that I am doing something to help the sector be in a better position and this new role is all about change and resilience.

What are your aspirations for postal sustainability?

My objective is to position PostEurop and postal operators as front runners in sustainability – because we are! We have been working towards some really ambitious targets since 2009 – investing in sustainability for more than a decade and we have a very wide approach to sustainability solutions. Sustainability is mainly thought of as an environmental issue, but we want to provide a broader, three-dimensional perspective of the concept. PostEurop members, as companies entrusted with the obligation of providing the universal postal service, share a public service vocation and have been committed to delivering a positive social impact of our business and society for centuries. Not only have we made huge efforts to reduce the impact we have on the environment, but also we are trying to be sustainable from an economic point of view, which we believe is key to ensure the quality of our service to citizens.

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