The Innovation Award

Launched in 2017, the Innovation Award focuses on the most innovative projects of PostEurop members. This Award recognises each year the remarkable achievements of a PostEurop member, highlighting its absolutely new developments with distinctive qualitative and quantitative benefits.

Overall, 45 postal operators submitted 64 innovative projects since the creation of the award, which largely contributes to sharing best practices. Thus, the Innovation Award fosters innovation among European postal operators in a consistent and continuous way.

For the 6th edition of the Innovation Award, PostEurop received applications from 10 postal operators. This Innovation Brochure presents these innovations, providing a description of their concrete benefits and impacts. The wide range of conducted projects underlines the leadership of posts in innovation, from new services to new products, elaborated in a new approach, often more open and participative.

The 2022 Innovation booklet

This Brochure aims to inspire other postal operators but also to highlight the innovative nature of posts, which remain age and flexible. In a challenging context, marked with growing uncertainties, innovation is key to seize opportunities, transform postal business models and continue to meet customers’ needs and expectations.

2023 is the 7th edition of the Innovation Award. However, considering innovation can be quite relative – what one post might have implemented a while ago, still means a huge innovative leap
forward for another post. Therefore, the Innovation team of PostEurop decided to create in 2023 a second Award, namely the JPF Rising Star Award, which will be granted to the biggest innovative achievement compared to the status quo for the respective applicant.

Jump Starting webinars

Celebrating in 2023 its 30th anniversary, PostEurop is confident that its members will continue to share innovative ideas and projects to strengthen the postal sector as a whole. The Innovation team has launched for this occasion a new series of jump starting webinars on innovation, in which all interested stakeholders can take part.

We propose to the postal employees to join these sessions to get inspired about the latest initiatives around open innovation.