PostEurop closely monitors the current Coronavirus-Covid19 situation through a Coronavirus Crisis Group.  This dedicated page contains information (incl. Q&As, information, links to key data with regular updates) to help postal operators deal with pandemic.

Latest News 

  1. 08/09/2020   Correos is now able to send mail (letter-post, parcel-post and EMS items) to the majority of countries in which routes are open.
  2. 03/09/2020   Delivery of COVID-19 vaccine: DHL study shows how public and private sector can partner for success
  3. 01/09/2020   ICAO, UPU, urge national commitments and support for postal, air cargo, and express mail operators
  4. 24/08/2020   ERGP published their "Measures adopted for postal services in view of COVID-19 outbreak report 5"
  5. 19/08/2020   Posti is prepared for the spread of the coronavirus (UPDATED on August 19, 2020)
  6. 12/08/2020   According to a Royal Mail study online shopping spends increase as lockdown eases
  7. 07/08/2020   Austrian Post reports stable revenue, earnings affected by COVID-19
  8. 29/07/2020   Omniva achieved a record six-month result during corona crisis

Regulatory and governance

EU briefing (external report on what's happening in Europe)   


Regulatory changes

  1. 21/08/2020   State aid: Commission approves €290m Belgian support to support Brussels Airlines in the context of the coronavirus outbreak 
  2. 20/08/2020   State aid: Commission approves €62m Romanian loan guarantee to compensate Blue Air for damage suffered due to coronavirus outbreak and provide the airline with urgent liquidity support
  3. 20/08/2020   State aid: Commission approves Bavarian fund to enable up to €46b of liquidity and capital support to enterprises in Bavaria
  4. 18/08/2020   State aid: Commission approves €133m Portuguese liquidity support to SATA airline opens investigation into other public support measures
  5. 17/08/2020   State aid: Commission approves €1b Danish and Swedish measure to recapitalise SAS
  6. 14/08/2020   State aid: Commission approves Irish loan guarantee scheme mobilising €2b support for companies affected
  7. 11/08/2020   State aid: Commission approves €30m Estonian measure to support Nordica in the context of the coronavirus outbreak
  8. 11/08/2020   State aid: Commission approves German aid scheme to support airports affected by he coronavirus outbreak
  9. 07/08/2020   State aid: Commission approves €6b German scheme to compensate public transport companies for damages suffered
  10. 04/08/2020   State aid: Commission approves €665m Austrian scheme to support non-profit organisations and their related entitie

Governments and stakeholder policies

Best practice information and advice


  1. France: Groupe La Poste "Adoptons les bons gestes pour se protéger" poster
  2. Greece: Hellenic Post ELTA "Precautions against Covid-19" updated poster
  3. Greece: Hellenic Post ELTA "Precautions against Covid-19" poster
  4. Ireland: An Post "Wash your hands" poster
  5. Ireland: An Post "Cough and sneezes" poster
  6. Ireland: Public Health Advice poster
  7. Italy: Actions taken to combat the spread of COVID-19
  8. Turkey: Turkish Ministry of Health poster

Social distancing

  1. Denmark: Delivery without physical contact infographic
  2. France: Groupe La Poste infosheets
  3. Georgia: Georgian Post delivery information video
  4. Greece: Greek government's poster #menoumespiti (we stay at home) 
  5. Greece: Greek government's logo (we stay safe) as of 28/4 
  6. Italy: Actions taken to combat the spread of COVID-19
  7. Italy: AGICOM Italy video on postal measures when signing postal items
  8. Norway: Posten Norge Plexiglass installed at postal counters
  9. Spain: Correos Simple delivery measures infographic
  10. Switzerland: How Swisspost is protecting their employees and customers in their branches
  11. Turkey: Ministry of Health 14 rules poster

Self isolation 

  1. Greece:  "Stay home. ELTA takes care of you" video 
  2. Greece: "This Easter … ELTA takes care of you!!!" video
  3. Portugal: CTT Portugal Post "Stay at Home" video 
  4. UK: Royal Mail "Delivering for the Country" video


Last updated 22 October 2020 

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