PostEurop closely monitors the current Coronavirus-Covid19 situation through a Coronavirus Crisis Group.  This dedicated page contains information (incl. Q&As, information, links to key data with regular updates) to help postal operators deal with pandemic.

Latest News 

  1. 05/06/2020   Liechtensteinische Post reported that COVID-19 situation has improved sufficiently for postal services to be provided as normal.
  2. 04/06/2020   Czech Post reports that some of the restrictions to prevent the spread of COVID-19 has been lifted and the situation is gradually returning to normal.
  3. 02/06/2020   Jersey Post helps to get students' belongings back from the UK
  4. 29/05/2020   Royal Mail reveals the UK's delivery hotspots during lockdown
  5. 29/05/2020   Cyprus Post - Parcel 24 Service
  6. 27/05/2020   Czech Post - Postal workers and couriers may be close to domestic violence cases 
  7. 26/05/2020   Posta Slovenije reports that postal services are returning to normal and continue to follow national health guidelines.
  8. 20/05/2020   An Post commits €2m funding and expertise for Irish SMEs
  9. 18/05/2020   E-Commerce News: 57% of Europeans shop online more than ever
  10. 18/05/2020   Swiss Post - Quarterly result down as expected  

Regulatory and governance

EU briefing (external report on what's happening in Europe) 

  1. EU briefing 05 June 2020
  2. EU briefing 04 June 2020
  3. EU briefing 03 June 2020
  4. EU briefing 02 June 2020


Regulatory changes

  1. 29/05/2020   State aid: Commission approves €1.6b Polish scheme to compensate companies for damages suffered
  2. 26/05/2020   State aid: Commission approves Lithuanian fund to enable up to €1b of liquidity and capital support to medium-sized and large enterprises
  3. 25/05/2020   State aid: Commission approves €2.2b Polish subsidised loan scheme for large enterprises affected
  4. 23/05/2020   State aid: Commission approves €8b Austrian scheme to compensate companies for damage caused by coronavirus outbreak
  5. 21/05/2020   State aid: Commission approves €9b Italian "umbrella" scheme to support economy in coronavirus outbreak
  6. 20/05/2020   Coronavirus global response: EU allocates additional €50m in humanitarian aid
  7. 20/05/2020   European Semester Spring Package: Recommendations for a coordinated response to the coronavirus pandemic (package explained)
  8. 15/05/2020   State aid: Commission approves €18.5b Czech guarantee scheme for companies affected
  9. 14/05/2020   State aid: Commission approves State financing granted by Spain for Correos's universal postal service obligation

Governments and stakeholder policies

Best practice information and advice


  1. France: Groupe La Poste "Adoptons les bons gestes pour se protéger" poster
  2. Greece: Hellenic Post ELTA "Precautions against Covid-19" updated poster
  3. Greece: Hellenic Post ELTA "Precautions against Covid-19" poster
  4. Ireland: An Post "Wash your hands" poster
  5. Ireland: An Post "Cough and sneezes" poster
  6. Ireland: Public Health Advice poster
  7. Italy: Actions taken to combat the spread of COVID-19
  8. Turkey: Turkish Ministry of Health poster

Social distancing

  1. Denmark: Delivery without physical contact infographic
  2. France: Groupe La Poste infosheets
  3. Georgia: Georgian Post delivery information video
  4. Greece: Greek government's poster #menoumespiti (we stay at home) 
  5. Greece: Greek government's logo (we stay safe) as of 28/4 
  6. Italy: Actions taken to combat the spread of COVID-19
  7. Italy: AGICOM Italy video on postal measures when signing postal items
  8. Norway: Posten Norge Plexiglass installed at postal counters
  9. Spain: Correos Simple delivery measures infographic
  10. Switzerland: How Swisspost is protecting their employees and customers in their branches
  11. Turkey: Ministry of Health 14 rules poster

Self isolation 

  1. Greece:  "Stay home. ELTA takes care of you" video 
  2. Greece: "This Easter … ELTA takes care of you!!!" video
  3. Portugal: CTT Portugal Post "Stay at Home" video 
  4. UK: Royal Mail "Delivering for the Country" video


Last updated 05 June 2020 

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