E-Commerce Green Paper Working Group

In January 2012 the European Commission published its Communication on e-commerce with an action plan as a new contribution to the Digital Agenda. One of the actions was a Consultation on postal delivery services which was launched later in November, based on the Green Paper “An integrated parcel delivery market for the growth of e-commerce in the EU” with a view to identify potential shortfalls in the delivery of on-line purchases.

As a follow up, the Commission published a Roadmap “for completing the single market for parcel delivery; build trust in delivery services and encourage online sales”. The roadmap specified measures, attributed to the relevant stakeholders and meant to remedy delivery related problems in e-commerce. A stock-taking was foreseen following a period of 18 months (mid 2015) in order to assess whether additional measures, including legislative measures, are needed.

In May 2015, the new Commission submitted its Digital Market Strategy. While the Commission recognised the progress made by the industry in terms of more convenience and quality of services, they announced additional measures for parcel delivery in order to improve price transparency and enhance regulatory oversight. One year later, in May 2016, the Commission submitted to the Council and the European Parliament a proposal for a Regulation on cross-border parcel delivery.


  1. Establish a constructive dialogue with relevant stakeholders, including the Commission and the European Parliament.
  2. Develop and lobby common positions on a European parcel delivery policy in the context of the digital single market strategy
  3. Communicate, on behalf of the participating posts, on the Industry Initiative (commitment by the European posts in response to the Commission’s concerns voiced in the Green Paper)

Actions and achievements

  1. February 2013: Contribution to the public consultation as response to the questions raised by the Green Paper.
  2. June 2013: First meeting of CEOs with Commissioner Barnier on the Industry Initative
  3. September 2013: Follow up meeting with Commissioner Barnier
  4. July 2014: Status Report on the Industry Initative
  5. September 2014: Meeting of CEOs with Commissioner Barnier
  6. December 2014: Technical meeting with the Commission on the Industry Initiative
  7. January 2015: Market-oriented meeting with the Commission
  8. March 2015: Submission of the Updated Status Report on the Industry Initiative to the Commission
  9. April 2015: CEO meeting with Vice President Ansip and Commissioner Bieńkowska
  10. June 2015: Workshop with the Commission services (technical dialogue)
  11. June 2015: Participation in the Commission’s workshop on the Roadmap
  12. July 2015: Submission of the Final Status Report on the Industry Initiative to the Commission
  13. July 2015: Contribution to the public consultation on parcels in the context of the DSM Strategy
  14. October 2015: Workshop with the Commission services on the DSM Strategy
  15. May 2016: CEO meeting with Vice President Ansip
  16. May 2016 Press Release on the Commission’s proposal for a Regulation on cross-border parcel delivery
  17. May 2016: Launched Deliver4Europe campaign
  18. September 2016: Press release on the EP's Resolution on the Application of the Postal Services Directive
  19. December 2016: Press release on Council discussion on Parcel Delivery Proposal


In cooperation with IPC, PostEurop and its members published “Realising Europe’s potential: e-commerce and the postal operators” in September 2012 on the role of postal operators in boosting cross-border e-commerce within the EU.

In February, the Copenhagen Economics study "Principles of e-commerce delivery prices" was published, demonstrating that there is growing confidence in the dynamic EU e-commerce market , with a positive spill over into the European delivery sector.

Updated 02 December 2016



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