The Green Post Project

The Green Post Project in a nutshell
Programme area:
EC Executive Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation (EACI)
: 2007-2009
Contract number: EIE/07/119/SI2.466271


On 31 October 2007, Poste Italiane presented in Perugia, Italy, the Green Post project carried out in cooperation with PostEurop and approved by the EC-EACI for its innovative nature and international commitment. The other European partners are:      


  • Magyar Posta (Hungary)
  • bpost (Belgium)
  • The City of Perugia
  • The University of Perugia/CIRIAF
  • Legambiente
  • Ducati Energia
  • The University of Rousse (Bulgaria)

The programme, which is aimed at testing an electric and hybrid vehicle (the "Free Duck" Quadricycle), will be implemented during 30 months and consists in providing mail delivery service in the historical centre of the city of Perugia by means of 57 quadricycles (produced by "Ducati Energia") with electric and hybrid traction as an alternative to the classic motorcycles currently used by postmen in Europe.  Similar initiatives are also to be developed in Brussels. 

In Szentendre, Hungary, on 18th January, 2009, Green Post Project’s electric vehicles were launched publicly by Magyar Posta. Since 19th January, Magyar Posta has started to use the vehicles daily on 3 different mail routes.  PostEurop Project Manager, Mr. Antonino Scribellito, is in charge of extending the initiative to other European operators.

Energy and environmental performances will be monitored in cooperation with the University of Perugia/CIRIAF in order to develop models aimed at the reduction of air and acoustic pollution in other urban areas.

The Universities involved (University of Perugia and University of Rousse) will share the results of the initiative which will be communicated at EU level during a final event organized under the umbrella of the European Agency.

Eventually, in line with the European Agency for Energy policies and in cooperation with the City of Perugia, the programme schedule also foresees the design and management of a dedicated website as well as organized moments of communication with citizens (4 events), 2 scientific seminars and information/training campaigns in some schools. 


  • Reduction of CO2 emissions and fuel consumption during mail delivery services.
  • Stimulate the replication of similar initiatives (investments) in other European Postal Company as in all EU transport sector.
  • Support the electric vehicle market
  • Reach the target groups by information campaigns to stimulate initiatives and implements measures to optimizing energy-efficiency in the transport sector.


Updated on 24 May 2013

Project Manager
Antonino Scribellito
T: +32 27731193
Project Manager
Waqas Ahsen
T: +32 27619652

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