Press Releases
27 Sep 2017
European Postal Operators meet in Bucharest
The European postal Industry has been undergoing substantial change over the last two decades with the decline in letter mail and increase in parcel delivery due to e-commerce. [read more...]
19 Jun 2017
The EUROPA 2019 theme is…
PostEurop would like to announce that in 2019 the most beautiful EUROPA stamp competition will be based on the theme: “National Birds”. [read more...]
31 May 2017
PostEurop's reaction to IMCO's opinion on the cross-border parcel delivery proposal
Following yesterday’s vote, PostEurop welcomes IMCO’s recognition that mandating third party access to national postal operators’ networks isn’t necessary and shouldn’t feature in the regulation on cross border parcel delivery. [read more...]
08 May 2017
Magnificent Castles and where to find them
On Europe Day with the 2017 EUROPA Stamp Competition [read more...]
03 Mar 2017
Stakeholders discussed the cross-border parcel delivery proposal at a European Parliament event
Deliver4Europe News. Brussels, 3rd March 2017 [read more...]
12 Dec 2016
Joint Declaration on the Role of Social Dialogue in the Transformation of the Postal Sector
Brussels, 12 December 2016 [read more...]
05 Dec 2016
Forceville from La Poste re-elected as Chairman of the PostEurop Management Board
For the term 2017-2019 [read more...]
05 Dec 2016
Postal Operators React to the New VAT Proposal for Cross-Border E-Commerce
Brussels, 5 December 2016 [read more...]
02 Dec 2016
Council discusses progress of negotiations on the Parcel Delivery Proposal – European postal operators look to the Council to recognise the competitiveness of the parcels market
Brussels, 2nd December 2016 [read more...]
15 Nov 2016
E-Commerce and Parcel Delivery - Three innovative SMEs and PostEurop discuss how to deliver the physical part of the Digital Single Market
On 8th November, PostEurop and Ismail Ertug MEP (DE, S&D) hosted a lively morning session on e-commerce and cross-border parcel delivery in the European Parliament. Parcel delivery is a cornerstone of the fast-growing e-commerce industry and a crucial pillar of the EU’s Digital Single Market. [read more...]
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