Press Releases
11 Oct 2019
The 2019 Most Beautiful EUROPA Stamp winners are Haypost and PoŇ°ta Slovenije.
PostEurop is proud to announce Haypost C.J.S.C. (Armenia - Gold), Turkish Post PTT (Turkey - Silver) and Posti Group Corporation (Finland - Bronze) as winners of the 2019 EUROPA Stamps online competition through public voting. [read more...]
25 Sep 2019
Maintaining the Union at the UPU
European Postal Operators welcome the decision taken on International Postal Rates [read more...]
03 Sep 2019
Delivering a Sustainable European Post 2019-2024
European Postal Operators prioritise facilitating the single market, promoting digital Europe and supporting sustainability [read more...]
08 Jul 2019
Postal Operators take on Age Management
Final conference of Innov'age project [read more...]
12 Jun 2019
EUROPA Stamps Can Raise Awareness
PostEurop announces the EUROPA themes for 2021 and 2022 [read more...]
27 May 2019
EUROPA Stamps That Can Sing
On an app store near you [read more...]
09 May 2019
Come fly with the EUROPA Stamps
On Europe Day [read more...]
22 Mar 2019
Postal Operators ready to attract young talents
by joining the European Alliance for Apprenticeships [read more...]
28 Nov 2018
Joint Industry Letter on ePrivacy Regulation
PostEurop joins 66 European Associations in a joint industry letter on ePrivacy Regulation. Businesses has expressed concerns about the proposal for an ePrivacy Regulation and cautions Member States against rushing the negotiation with the European Parliament, which would have profound repercussions for the European economy. [read more...]
09 Oct 2018
Statement by Bishar A. Hussein, Director General of the UPU International Bureau on the occasion of World Post Day, 9 October 2018
The Post: Delivering good to the world [read more...]
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