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07 Oct 2022
PostNL, Correos And CTT Portugal Post Awarded The 2022 PostEurop CSR “Coups De Coeur”
PostEurop proudly announced the winners of the “2022 CSR Coups de Coeur” awards during a ceremony held at the General Assembly gala dinner on 5 October in the historical Dublin General Post Office. [read more...]
07 Oct 2022
POST Luxembourg scores a double win in the 2022 & 2023 EUROPA Stamps Competitions
PostEurop is proud to announce POST Luxembourg (Luxembourg - Gold), Posti (Finland - Silver) and Liechtensteinische Post (Liechtenstein - Bronze) as winners of the 2022 EUROPA Stamps competition depicting their national stories and myths. [read more...]
16 Sep 2022
2022 Green Postal Day
Posts Contribute Towards Common Sustainability Goals [read more...]
09 May 2022
Experience European Stories, Myths and Legends through EUROPA Stamps
On EUROPE Day [read more...]
29 Apr 2022
Changes to the EUROPA Stamps themes for 2023, 2024 and 2025
Following the decision of the Extraordinary PostEurop Board of Directors meeting held on 25 April 2022, the 2023 EUROPA Stamp theme will be “PEACE – the highest value of humanity” as proposed by Ukrposhta in order “to show solidarity with Ukraine and to promote the universal value for all humanity – peace”. [read more...]
06 Apr 2022
A Solidarity Movement from CEOs of European Postal Operators on the war in Ukraine
Since the start of the conflict in Ukraine, postal operators are amongst the first responders, true to their humanitarian and social role in helping people, communities, and areas in crisis, whilst remaining committed to maintaining international postal exchanges between all regions. [read more...]
08 Mar 2022
European Postal Operators are dedicated to keep Postal Services running to ensure Humanitarian Aid reaches Ukraine
Through close cooperation and in solidarity [read more...]
18 Nov 2021
PostEurop and CEOs of 20 European Postal Operators met Commissioner Breton to discuss recent developments
PostEurop and CEOs of 20 European national postal operators met with Thierry Breton, European Commissionner for Internal Market (2019-2024). [read more...]
15 Oct 2021
Swiss Post is winner of the 2021 Innovation Award
PostEurop is proud to announce Swiss Post is the winner of the 2021 Innovation Award. The announcement and award ceremony took place during the PostEurop Plenary Assembly on 6 October 2021. [read more...]
08 Oct 2021
The 2021 Most Beautiful EUROPA Stamp Competition winner is Poczta Polska
PostEurop is proud to announce Poczta Polska (Poland - Gold), Åland Post (Åland - Silver) and SC Ukrposhta (Ukraine - Bronze) as winners of the 2021 EUROPA Stamps competition depicting their national endangered wildlife. [read more...]
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