European Union Affairs

The European Union Affairs Committee (EAC) plays an important role in gathering postal regulatory experts from the 27 EU countries plus Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. It is a European centre of excellence on postal regulatory affairs.

The EAC contributes to shaping the European regulatory environment, mitigate the effects of regulation on the postal sector and give Members a voice in the process.

As a forum for debate and discussion, the EAC increases understanding about the EU regulatory framework, fosters the exchange of insights and expertise amongst members, provides operators with an important link to EU institutions as well as initiates lobbying activities on regulatory topics impacting the postal industry.

Focus areas

  • E-Commerce
  • Data protection
  • Digital services
  • Postal directive
  • Sanctions & embargoes
  • Standardisation
  • VAT
  • Transport & environment
  • Environment, social and governance (ESG) reporting

Download here PostEurop’s Manifesto for the Legislative Period 2019-2024

Delivering a Sustainable European Post (2019-2024)