Romanian Post has its first post office adapted to people with visual impairment

Romanian Post actively supports customers with visual impairment and adapts its first post office so that, when a visually impaired person enters a post office, they can easily obtain the necessary information in order to properly access the post office and its postal services, without needing a companion.

One of the Bucharest Post Offices is starting today at the disposal of any visually impaired person out of the 100,000 in Romania. With the help of the Framinor company, which has installed within the subunit a high-tech system to ensure orientation in the surrounding space, people with visual impairments will know what services they can find in the post office, where exactly the counters are located, how to arrive unaccompanied at a counter or how to exit the post office.

The Step-Hear system consists of an application that can be downloaded for free in the mobile phone and when it interconnects with the sensors installed in the post office, will communicate a pre-recorded audio message that contains all the information necessary for the movement and accessibility of customers. Thus, visually impaired people will be able to manage themselves easily within the post offices, just by using this application.

Also, to this Bucharest Post Office, the Scripor Alphabet Association offered several free devices for visually impaired people:
• tactile-visual postcards printed in the Romanian language alphabet, the Braille alphabet and in the tactile alphabet of colors - Scripor;
• general use labels, typed, with the tactile-visual representation of colors (can be used to identify the colors of Easter eggs, Christmas globes, for documents or making household appliances accessible, and others);
• Black & White tactile game;
• Braille keyboard kits;
• special kits for making elevators accessible;
• boards with the Braille alphabet and the color alphabet;
• Cecograms – postal items presented open, signs on special paper intended only for the use of the visually impaired persons, which are admitted free of charge in post offices if they are sent as unregistered items and in the Non-priority system. All of these will soon be put up for sale in post offices as well.

The Scripor alphabet is actually the tactile alphabet of colors - a concept based on the extension of the Braille alphabet. It enables every visually impaired person to read, write, understand, remember, differentiate and identify colors effectively.

"We are glad that we can bring benefits to the visually impaired citizens and that we can contribute, in a small way, to making their lives easier. Once again, Romanian Post demonstrates its social role and shows its support for vulnerable people, contributing through this partnership to social inclusion and the removal of mobility barriers for the visually impaired people", stated Valentin Ștefan, Chief Executive Officer of Romanian Post.

The Bucharest Post Office is located in an area frequented by visually impaired people, being in the proximity of the Association of the visually impaired persons in Romania.
This action is a pilot project so that, depending on the interest shown and the requirements of customers with such needs, the Company could also adapt other post offices with the Step-Hear system.

Source: Romanian Post
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