Organisational Announcement

On 9 March 2023, the PostEurop Board of Directors (BoD) approved the following organisational changes to the Best Practices Wider-Europe Transversal.

Best Practices Wider Europe Transversal (BP-WE)

The Best Practice Wider-Europe Transversal is an open cross-functional platform for the knowledge and best practices exchange between members across the continent. It is designed to particularly enable Eastern European Members from the CIS and SEE countries to benefit from the exchange with other Members under the established PostEurop Neighbourhood Programme (PNP). 

Candan Senyüz (Turkish PTT) who was leading the Best Practices Wider-Europe Transversal as Acting Chair, has been confirmed by the Board of Directors as Chair of the Transversal.  

Candan Senyüz is the Head of International Relations at Turkish Post PTT since 2016 and has worked in several divisions of the international relations department at Turkish Post PTT for the past 31 years. At PostEurop, she was elected to the Board of Directors in 2017 and was re-elected in the last two elections (for the 2019-2022 and the 2023-2026 cycles). Together with her work at PostEurop, Candan has held multiple roles in other international organisations including as Board Member of the Postal Union for the Mediterranean (PUMed) in 2016. Candan was the Chair of the PUMed in the last cycle 2019-2022.

Levan Chikvaidze (Georgian Post) has been appointed Vice-Chair of the Best Practice Wider-Europe Transversal, a role where he will be supporting the Chair Candan Senyüz (Turkish PTT).

Levan Chikvaidze is the Director General of the Georgian Post since 2012. He has over 27 years of diverse professional experience both in public and private sector. Prior to joining the global business community, he has a extensive career in the public service, having worked both in the legislative and the executive branches of power in Georgia. Among others he was Head of the apparatus of the parliamentary faction and Vice-mayor of the city of Rustavi. Throughout his business career Levan Chikvaidze led a group of the US based companies which was one of the pioneer US investments in Georgia. Apart from local experience, he has vast international exposure mainly working in the United States in an oil company as well as large logistic companies.

On behalf of all Members, we would like to welcome Candan and Levan in these appointments and wish them all the success in their respective function. 


Botond Szebeny
PostEurop Secretary General
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