Polis, “Spaces for Italy”: Poste's coworking network will be the largest in the country

10,000 coworking stations will be set up in 250 properties scattered throughout the country, out of a total of 90,000 square meters

Poste Italiane's Polis project will bring new coworking spaces throughout Italy . There will be 250 free coworking spaces set up at the disposal of private individuals, companies and public administrations in as many post offices, including post office buildings and post offices.

Poste will open free coworking spaces

The Polis Project envisages the creation of 250 spaces distributed throughout the national territory, 80 of which will be activated in Municipalities with less than 15,000 inhabitants, whose dimensions and characteristics are divided into the categories: small coworking spaces (spaces with an average surface area of about 100 m2.); medium coworking (spaces with an average surface area of about 450 m2); large coworking spaces (spaces with an average surface area of around 1,500 m2).

Where the post office coworking spaces will be located
The stations will be found scattered throughout Italy. In fact, 20 historic buildings in large cities, including the post office buildings of Trieste, Ragusa, Lecce, Pisa and Nuoro, will host these shared offices. Another 230 properties will instead be made available in smaller towns, including Gangi, just outside Palermo, Monfalcone in Friuli, Eboli in Campania and Isernia in Molise. In general, it will be possible to find spaces like this in all regions: the aim is to make a contribution to the economic and social development of the country. These spaces will be available to private clients, such as freelancers, students, workers and startups looking for an office, as well as companies, organizations and institutions.

Coworking: the new service offered by Poste

Coworking is a work concept that consists of a workspace shared by several companies or independent professionals. In this environment, people can work together, share ideas and resources, and develop professional relationships. This practice has become increasingly popular in recent years thanks to the growing demand for flexibility and collaboration in the world of work. Coworking offers many benefits such as increased productivity, a better quality of life and an increase in creativity.

Polis and sustainability

For Poste Italiane, the goal of sustainability is always fundamental . Thanks to the Polis project, Poste Italiane will in fact be the first Italian coworking operator equipped with structures made with sustainable materials and energy-efficient systems. The goal is to create the most widespread, digitalised, accessible and immediately available coworking network in the country: workstations, meeting spaces, shared services, areas dedicated to events and training, the use of which will be open to individuals, companies and to the public administration, universities, research centers with which specific service agreements can be defined to better respond to the needs and vocations of each territory/stakeholder.

Source: Poste Italiane

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