Swiss Post strengthens its logistics network with transport company H. Bucher

Swiss Post not only takes care of the transport of products for many companies, but also their storage and customs clearance requirements, for example – whether for winter coats or fridges.

For this, it needs vehicles and storage space, among other things. Swiss Post acquired H. Bucher Internationale Transporte AG, based in Alpnach, canton of Obwalden, on 1 December 2022. The acquisition of H. Bucher will enable Swiss Post to strengthen its network in Central Switzerland and offer its business customers even more logistics services.

Swiss Post wholly acquired the forwarding company H. Bucher Internationale Transporte, based in Alpnach, canton of Obwalden, on 1 December 2022. H. Bucher Internationale Transporte AG is a regionally based transport company employing 47 staff. The forwarding company has a vehicle fleet of 34 trucks, and specializes in domestic and international European transport. With targeted investments and acquisitions, Swiss Post is securing resources such as storage facilities, vehicles and skilled staff. Swiss Post does much more than simply deliver goods for its business customers – whether for tool manufacturers or online shops. It takes care of their logistics from A to Z: delivery of spare parts, return shipments, installation services and temporary storage as well as customs clearance. The acquisition of H. Bucher will enable Swiss Post to offer even more services for companies from a single source. Johannes Cramer, Head of Logistics Services at Swiss Post and Member of Executive Management, is delighted with the addition: “With H. Bucher, we’re strengthening our presence in Central Switzerland. We can now fine-tune even more our already close-knit logistics system for business customers.”

More and more cross-border goods traffic

“People have been ordering more and more goods online in recent years. Although consumer sentiment is currently gloomy, cross-border retail will continue to increase in the longer term,” says Johannes Cramer. That is why Swiss Post is investing in this growing goods logistics market. “The acquisition of H. Bucher allows us to expand our connections on the axis between the major economic areas of Germany and Italy. This means that we’ll continue to be a valuable partner for many companies in the future and ensure that their products reach their destination on time – whether winter coats or fridges.”

Employment contracts for the staff affected remain unchanged

The corporate identity of the transport company H. Bucher will remain the same. Nothing will change for the company’s staff either – they remain with their employer as before. H. Bucher had been seeking a buyer as part of succession planning. The parties involved have agreed to maintain confidentiality over the details of the acquisition.

Source: Swiss Post

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