2022 Green Postal Day

Posts Contribute Towards Common Sustainability Goals

PostEurop joins the 2022 Green Postal Day on 16 September, together with 18 posts worldwide to further realise their commitment to contribute to a more sustainable economy and society, in line with PostEurop’s Sustainability Vision and the 2030 UN Sustainable Development Goals.

For over 20 years now, postal operators have been a pioneer in setting common targets to reduce CO2 emissions, with some postal operators participating in a joint sustainability programme . However, the world has changed over the years and today citizens and businesses all over the world are faced with numerous challenges including the prolonged coronavirus pandemic and current energy crisis. 

On this Green Postal Day, campaigners are focused on the consumers. Today’s consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the environmental impact of delivery. Currently, almost half of them want the delivery of their domestic or cross-border parcel to be carbon neutral. 

In response to both the environmental and customer needs, postal operators have made the investments needed to decarbonise their vehicle fleet, while still meeting their duties to shareholders and customers. In 2021, European national postal operators have incorporated into their fleets more than 30,000 electric vehicles, and over 260,000 vehicles powered with alternative fuels. In addition, operators have over 170,000 postal employees delivering on foot, as well as more than 100,000 delivering by bike or e-bike to households across Europe. Thus, further reducing the environmental impact of the vehicle network is a priority for the sector.

Postal operators have also focused on resource efficiency initiatives such as route optimisation for home deliveries and vehicles’ pooling rate, in recent years. 77% of energy used by postal operators comes from renewable sources.

Customers can therefore be assured that postal operators are going the extra mile to provide services most respectful towards the environment. All these figures also demonstrate PostEurop’s full alignment with the EU Green Deal objectives of achieving a 55% reduction of GHG by 2030 and becoming climate-neutral by mid-century. 

Beyond the environmental aspects, PostEurop advocates for a sustainable Social and Economic dimension as well. This is further reflected under the framework of PostEurop’s Sustainability Vision.

“PostEurop is pleased to participate in the Green Postal Day once again as it gives us an opportunity to lead the way as a sector in an area that is important for both our customers and businesses, in cooperation with IPC and postal operators. Despite the many challenges we currently face, the determination to make an impact for the Environment is simply courageous” sums Jean-Paul Forceville, Chairman of the PostEurop Board of Directors. 

1   The Environmental Measurement and Monitoring System (EMMS) programme was launched in 2008. In 2019, it was extended into the Sustainability Measurement and Management System (SMMS) programme.


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PostEurop represents 55 postal operators (universal service providers) in 53 countries and territories around Europe and handles 60 billion items each year. The industry employs 2 million people, manages 258 million delivery points and accounts for 1% of the national GDPs. 

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