Organisational Announcement

The PostEurop Board of Directors (BoD) at its extraordinary meeting on 1 June 2022 approved the following changes to the European Union Affairs Committee (EAC) and to the Operational Activities Circle (OAC).

European Union Affairs Committee (EAC)

The Data Protection Working Group has been reactivated during the application of the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This piece of legislation impacts both European and non-European Members of PostEurop.

Sarah Gallagher (An Post) has been appointed Chair of the Data Protection Working Group, replacing Beatriz Galván (Correos y Telégrafos S.A.) who has taken on a different role within Correos.

Sarah joined An Post in 2018 as Regulatory Lawyer. Prior to joining An Post, she spent several years in Brussels working for international law firms on a range of EU matters. On returning to Dublin and prior to joining An Post, she worked mainly in private practice; in particular for businesses engaged in regulated or public sector activities. She studied law at Trinity College in Dublin and is qualified as a lawyer in Ireland and the US.

The Transport & Environment Legislation Working Group focuses on discussing the latest regulatory developments in the respective policy fields and their impact on the postal sector. EU initiatives in the transport field are by nature closely interlinked with environmental issues. Both policy areas are crucial to postal operators and play an integral part in their activities.

Camilla Pedrini (Le Groupe La Poste) has been appointed Vice-Chair of the Transport & Environment Legislation Working Group, replacing Olivier Tsalpatouros (Le Groupe La Poste).

Camilla is Deputy Director of Regulatory Affairs at GeoPost/DPDgroup since March 2022. She is a public affairs professional with over 8 years’ experience in the Energy and Chemical sector. Fluent in four languages, she holds a masters’ degree in Political Science from the University of Geneva.

Operational Activities Circle (OAC)

The aim of the Innovation Forum is to foster discussions on the latest developments in information and communication technology, to develop and improve efficiency and to inspire Members on ways to improve Quality of Service through new value-added services and IT-integrated customised solutions.

Carlos Bhatt (CTT Portugal Post) has been appointed Chair of the Innovation Forum, replacing his recently retired CTT colleague João Melo.

Carlos is Head of Innovation Management at CTT Portugal Post. He has several years of work experience in Innovation Management, Strategy, Project Management and Business Development in the fields of Telecommunications & Technology, Cloud Computing, e-health, Big Data, Smart Cities, Digital Economy, Start-Ups, Fast Moving Consumer Goods, Energy, Oil & Gas, Food Logistics, Moulds & Plastics and in the construction sector. He also has experience in R&D & Innovation funding programs (namely FP7, Horizon2020, QREN, Portugal 2020), including knowledge in project reviews at the European Commission. He is also a board member of the INSEAD Portuguese Alumni Association. Carlos holds a PhD in Civil Engineering from Instituto Superior Técnico (IST), University of Lisbon, Portugal.

The Operational Data Working Group aims to keep members updated on new regulatory requirements (postal, customs, security, transport, etc.) regarding operational data, including development of the global postal model (Electronic Advanced Data, EAD). The Working Group also raises awareness of the operational benefit of timely and correct data; having as focus the quality of data in all operational areas – from data capture at source through exchange of data (between postal operators and with authorities/suppliers) to operational benefit in the operational postal process.

Ela Çelik (Turkish Post PTT) has been appointed co Vice-Chair of the Operational Data Working Group.

Ela is the Director of International Operations - Department of Postal and Cargo Services at Turkish Post PTT. She joined the company in 2007 to work in the General Directorate Department, and since 2011 she has held different positions within the operational department of Turkish Post PTT. Ela has completed several trainings and workshops promoted by the Universal Postal Union (UPU) and since 2017 she has been collaborating with the UPU, as Regional Project Facilitator.

On behalf of all Members, we would like to welcome Sarah, Camilla, Carlos, and Ela in their new roles and wish them all the success in their respective function. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank Beatriz, Olivier and João for their contribution to the PostEurop community and wish them all the luck in their new endeavours.


Botond Szebeny
PostEurop Secretary General

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