Romanian Post Office accommodation made available to Ukrainian refugees

In the difficult context caused by the military actions on the territory of Ukraine, the Romanian Post National Company announces that it is making available the accommodation spaces in the internal circuit dedicated to its employees, for hosting the population of the neighbouring country, refugees in Romania.

The management of the Romanian Post has decided, during an emergency meeting, to issue a decision approving the provision of accommodation spaces in its own network to the County Prefectures for hosting refugees from Ukraine. Thus, the local county authorities that will be involved in humanitarian operations dedicated to the population of refugees from the war can use the internal accommodation units of the Romanian Post Office for as long as humanitarian support will be provided to the population of the neighbouring country.

The company has a total of 23 accommodation units in 17 counties in its network of post offices, which are dedicated to the internal circuit of employees. The number of beds available in these locations in this circuit is 203.

"Romanian Post, by its mission, is made up of people who are dedicated to people, without discrimination. So we cannot sit idly by and just pity the suffering of Ukrainian citizens who have to leave their country. We want to show solidarity, not only in thought, but also in deed! We have decided to make all our accommodation available to the local authorities who will be involved in the hosting of Ukrainians. Refugees will have access to normal housing conditions, to utilities, in order to be able to live decently during their displacement from their home country. It is a small step, which we understand to put our shoulder to the wheel so that humanity is not defeated!", said Valentin »ėtefan, CEO of Romanian Post.

 Source: Posta Romana

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