Organisational Announcement

As we informed you earlier, the PostEurop Board of Directors (BoD) at its March meeting (BoD126) took a number of important governance decisions related to the participation of JSC Russian Post and RUE Belpochta in PostEurop.

As a follow-up of these decisions, a virtual Extraordinary Board of Directors (BoD) meeting will be held on 25 April and subsequently, a virtual Extraordinary General Assembly (GA), on 1 June, in the afternoon (date, time and draft agenda subject to the Extraordinary BoD’s confirmation). The formal invitation to the Extraordinary GA and its draft agenda will be sent to you very soon after the 25 April Extraordinary BoD meeting. Save 1 June afternoon in your calendar already in the meantime.

Parallel with this, we would like to inform you below of the recent changes within the Corporate Social Responsibility Circle (CSR-C), the Operational Activities Circle (OAC), and the RADAR Transversal following the 126th Board of Directors meeting last March, not related to the above subject.

Corporate Social Responsibility Circle (CSR-C)

The Health Working Group aims to ensure that the positive effects of solid health management are shared among participants and implemented throughout PostEurop’s entire membership. Cost reductions, improved productivity and profitability are the expected consequences of this approach.

Noel Lacey (An Post) and Aysun Tay (PTT Turkish Post) have been appointed Chair and Vice-Chair of the working group respectively.

Noel is an experienced Leader, Safety professional and Engineer. Having more than thirty years of relevant experience, he has worked in several sectors including the military service, public sector, a major technology led multinational and a semi state commercial body. Noel has worked with An Post for three and a half years as the National Safety Manager. He acts as the advisor to the Executive Management Board on all matters relating to Occupational Health and Safety of 9,500 employees deployed across the country in over 160 sites.

Aysun has worked with Turkish Post for twelve years across different functions, including partnerships with the medical sector. She is now the Director of the International Organizations and Bilateral Relations Section. Aysun holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the Anadolu University.

PostEurop’s Training Working Group is focused on establishing co-operation between Members and responding to specific and common issues that postal operators face in the area of vocational training and human resources management.

Tatjana Buhač (Hrvatska pošta d.o.o. Mostar) has been appointed as the new co-Vice Chair of the working group.

Tatjana is an experienced HR expert with many years working in managerial positions. She joined Croatian Post Ltd. Mostar in November 2018, having previously worked as HR Manager for over 16 years, mostly in financial sector. Tatjana has a Dipl. Ing. Degree from University Sarajevo and University of Vienna and is currently doing a Mag. Degree, writing her Masters thesis at University of Sarajevo and University of Zagreb. She is fluent in English and German.

Operational Activities Circle (OAC)

The Remuneration Forum is a platform of knowledge of the remuneration systems (terminal dues, inward land rates and other terminal dues related topics during each UPU Congress cycle). It encourages members to take an active role in the UPU work. It coordinates European remuneration discussions for future UPU Congresses and helps members prepare for changes in the UPU remuneration systems. It also serves as a platform for exchange of information and expertise on other important developments in the postal area.

Fredrik Andersson (PostNord Group AB) and Paolo Virgili (Poste Italiane Spa) have been appointed as co-Vice-Chairs and will be supporting Björn Arni (Swiss Post/ Asendia Management SAS) in the Working Group.

Fredrik is Head of International Products and Agreements in PostNord. During his 25 years in the international department, he has worked with all aspects of the international postal business, focusing on product development and terminal dues. He looks forward to contributing as Vice-Chair and hopes that his experiences in the terminal dues area, and work with postal and non-postal partners, will benefit the Remuneration Forum community.

Paolo has been working for Poste Italiane’s International Department for the past twenty years, where he has been involved in many different PostEurop, UPU and IPC activities and projects, mostly focused on the rules of the remuneration systems (terminal dues in multilateral and bilateral agreements; inward land rates; EMS and other remuneration related topics). His experience throughout the years makes him an appreciated and reliable resource for the company, and now as Vice-Chair, he wishes to share that knowledge and contribute to the entire PostEurop community.

RADAR Transversal

RADAR stands for REACTIVITY AGILITY, DECISION, ADAPTABILITY, RESULT. It is a platform for the “small” postal operators who wishes to focus on exchanging common views, cooperate and capitalise on effective sustainable solutions among themselves about a wide range of topics due to their multi-businesses’ nature.

Due to their size, their local proximity, limited resources and the decision-making channels often shorter than the large entities, the RADAR Transversal members have indeed a vocation to become an operational think tank by combining the economic and social efficiency.

Reto Hermann (Liechtensteinische Post AG) and Carmen Scerri Lautier (MaltaPost p.l.c.) have been appointed Chair and Vice-Chair of the transversal respectively.

Reto started his professional career at Swiss Post where he dealt with a wide range of business areas at different levels (counter, railway post, Postbus, administration Postal Services, PostMail). After 21 years with Swiss Post, he decided to join Liechtenstein Post and since this move, he has held different positions within the company. He has worked as Operations Manager, Senior Project Manager, Head of Postal Logistics and since 2014 he is the Head of International Mail (responsible for international business and customs clearance). Reto did numerous management and training course while at Swiss Post, holds a Business Economist bachelor’s degree, and recently acquired a Federal Certified Customs Declarant.

Carmen joined MaltaPost plc in 1995. She started off in the Operational Sector and later joined the Finance Department under the cap of International Accounting. She joined the Legal and International Relations Department in 2009 wherein she serves to date as the Legal Liaisons and International Relations Officer.  In 2020 she graduated from the University of Malta with a Diploma in the Laws of Procedure and aims to continue her studies in the future.

On behalf of all Members, we would like to welcome Noel, Aysun, Tatjana, Frederik, Paolo, Reto and Carmen in their new roles and wish them all the success in their respective function.


Botond Szebeny
PostEurop Secretary General

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