Free delivery of humanitarian parcels to Ukraine weighing up to 20 kg

From April 1 this year. Poczta Polska will enable free delivery of EMS parcels weighing up to 20 kg to recipients in Ukraine. The contents of the parcels may only be humanitarian aid items. The initiative is part of the Polish Post "HELP UKRAINIE" campaign.

Poczta Polska, as part of the support action for the attacked neighbor "HELP UKRAINE", from April 1 this year. free of charge for international EMS parcels to Ukraine up to 20 kg. In order for a shipment to be accepted free of charge, it must meet certain conditions. It is essential that the address side be marked with a sticker, lettering or imprinted word " HUMANITARIAN AID" . The value in use of the shipped items in the package may not exceed the equivalent of EUR 100. The addressee of the package may be a natural person, a legal person or an organizational unit without legal personality. During the campaign, it is possible to send one free EMS package with humanitarian aid. The list of facilities providing the EMS service is available on the website of Poczta Polska .

The action "HELP UKRAINIE" also includes fees for the return to the sender of an undelivered in Ukraine EMS shipment sent as part of the action.

“Since the beginning of the Russian aggression against Ukraine, Poczta Polska has been supporting our eastern neighbour in all possible ways. The addressees of our support are both Ukrainian institutions, such as PrivatBank or Ukrposhta, as well as ordinary people. We have already sent several shipments with gifts to Ukraine, we also help refugees who have come to Poland by providing accommodation. The current decision of the Company regarding the exemption from fees for humanitarian aid parcels will make it possible to increase the scale of aid provided directly to those who decided to stay in the war-torn country -  says Tomasz Zdzikot, President of the Management Board of Poczta Polska.

Due to the ongoing hostilities, not all Ukrainian territories are currently served by the country's postal operator. Up-to-date information is published by the Ukrainian Post at the following links:   and

The content of the parcels may be only items serving humanitarian aid, with the exception of items indicated in the Additional Information on postal services in foreign traffic . In the case of sending EMS parcels above the specified limit, Poczta Polska will charge a fee in accordance with the applicable price list for individual customers.

The exemption from the fee for sending the first EMS package with the most necessary items to Ukraine is part of a wider catalog of support that the Company provides to our attacked neighbor. Earlier, on March 25, the management board of Poczta Polska decided to exempt from postage fees shipments with humanitarian aid for Ukraine from outside the European Union, sent to the POL-CEL warehouse in Chełm. Thanks to the arrangements between the Company's authorities and the Ministry of Finance, by June 30 this year. this type of parcels will also not be subject to customs and tax duties in Poland.

Polish Post has supported Ukraine since the beginning of the Russian aggression. In agreement with the Ukrainian Post, Poczta Polska took over, inter alia, the role of the UKRPOSHTA link in international postal traffic. The company also joined the government aid program, putting at the disposal of appropriate state structures, inter alia, its accommodation base in postal training and recreation centers and in a staff hotel, vehicles for transporting Ukrainian citizens from the border to a place in Poland indicated by crisis staff and for transports for the Governmental Agency for Strategic Reserves. As part of the assistance, Poczta Polska made a donation in the form of seven armored armored vehicles for transporting cash to a Ukrainian bank - PrivatBank. The company also donated cardboard boxes for the collection of gifts to city offices and Caritas. It also made available warehouse space, also for Caritas. Poczta Polska also announced its readiness to offer refugees jobs (the first recruitments are already underway), including in many positions where knowledge of the Polish language is not required.

The company also joined the information campaign on the website and the information campaign of the Ministry of National Defense "Fighting disinformation". In addition, colleges are organized among the company's employees. Until now, several dozen pallets of things currently needed by refugees have been delivered to regional reception points and warehouses. The "Pocztowy Dar" Foundation has also launched a special sub-account for payments for aid for Ukraine 36 1320 1104 3014 4239 2000 0005. Products attached to subsequent shipments are purchased for all funds paid into them.

Source: Poczta Polska

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