Poste Italiane Q4 & FY-21 results and 2024 sustain & innovate update a platform company at work

2021 results above "24SI" targets, with record high net profit up 31.0% Y/Y to €1.6BN

  1. 2021 DPS increased to €0.59 , +!% Y/Y
  2. New dividend policy based on higher yearly dividend growth, set at 7% thanks to solid underlying performance

Rome, 23 March 2022, yesterday, the Board of Directors of Poste Italiane S.p.A. (“Poste Italiane” or the “Group”), chaired by Maria Bianca Farina, approved the consolidated 2021 Results, prepared in compliance with IAS/IFRS, and the “24SI” update. Matteo Del Fante, Poste Italiane Chief Executive Officer and General Manager commented: “We are rolling out an anti-fragile strategy to successfully adapt to challenging times, overperforming our 2021 targets in terms of revenues, EBIT and net profit. Poste Italiane reported solid results increasing both versus 2020 and 2019. Furthermore, looking at the last 5 years, we have constantly overachieved strategic plan targets, with 2021 net profit almost doubled versus 2017.

The industrial transformation started with the “Deliver 2022” plan and continued with “24SI” has now shifted the company to the next level, building on the Group’s integrated omnichannel distribution platform.

Building on our parcel results, we are now diversifying our business to become a fully-fledged logistics operator, also through inorganic options such as the acquisition of Plurima, focused on the new fast growing hospital logistics niche market.

Our digitally enabled new channels and B2B2C networks support solid new revenues’ growth. We have reached a significant 20 million average daily interactions, mainly coming from our new channels, including the PuntoPoste network, highlighting the great value generation potential embedded in our customer-base going forward.

We recently launched new strategic initiatives, enabling us to revise upwards our 2022 targets. We have signed an agreement to acquire 100% of LIS to consolidate our growth in the proximity payment business and strengthen the acquiring and SME product offering, in line with the integrated omnichannel strategy at the heart of our Plan.

We have successfully proven to face and overcome stress scenarios and we are in a better shape than many to navigate the current situation.

With these remarkable results, we are proposing an increase of the dividend from €0.486 per share in the previous year to €0.59 per share this year, anticipating the dividend per share originally envisaged for 2022 and upgrading our generous dividend policy.

In May of this year, Poste Italiane will celebrate its 160th anniversary. Our unique heritage has always allowed us to address today's challenges and guide the future of our communities. We are a platform company, with a resilient and sustainable business for all stakeholders and we were, are and will be always present for communities across Italy.”

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Source: Poste Italiane

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