Slovenská pošta, a.s. will send humanitarian aid parcels to a specific address in Ukraine for free

From 23rd March 2022 Slovenská pošta, a.s. offers you the opportunity to send a humanitarian aid parcel to a specific address in Ukraine for free.

The Ukrainian postal service has promised to give priority to their delivery.

Humanitarian aid parcels, addressed to specific recipients in the Ukraine, can be sent from all of the branches of Slovenská Pošta, a.s. in Slovakia. They must be suitably packed with a maximum weight of 5 kg and be visibly marked with a “HUMANITARIAN AID” label on the address side of the parcel. The maximum value of the products contained in such a parcel is limited to EUR 50.

The consignment can only contain humanitarian aid: unperishable food, drugs, medical supplies, groceries, clothing, hygiene products etc. Alcohol, guns, pyrotechnics or flammable substances must not be sent in the parcels.

When sending a parcel, the sender must complete a dispatch note, this is also the customs declaration. It should include the information that the parcel is a “present”.

The sender should also specify its value that cannot exceed EUR 50. When sending a parcel using an e-dispatch note the sender should choose the options “in cash” and “payment upon sending”, this will ensure the parcel is accepted free of charge at the post office.

Suitable packing material (boxes of various sizes, wrapping paper, string etc.) can be bought at every post office.

Slovenská pošta, a. s. is not responsible for the loss, damage or failure to meet the delivery times for this type of parcel, particularly in regards to the complicated situation in Ukraine.

Source: Slovenská pošta, a. s.

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