Deutsche Post DHL Group improves its service portfolio for international shipping of small-format goods out of Germany

The improved "Warenpost International" offers secure and reliable shipping of small-format goods to more than 220 countries and territories around the world.

  • "Warenpost International" integrated into the Post & DHL Business Customer Portal for easier use
  • Standard and premium shipping: more flexibility through different shipping options
  • Global shipping via international postal networks

Effective immediately, DHL is expanding its range of services for contract customers in the international shipping of goods out of Germany. The improved ‘Warenpost International’ offers secure and reliable shipping of small-format goods to more than 220 countries and territories around the world. The integration of Warenpost International into the Post & DHL Business Customer Portal will make it much easier in the future for registered business customers to request the shipping of their products as international merchandise items, to track those items and view invoices and reports. Warenpost International goods are transported in the mail network of Deutsche Post and the respective international delivery partner. That generally means uniformly high quality, largely irrespective of seasonal fluctuations that can occur in parcel networks during busy times like the pre-Christmas season.

Warenpost International is available to contract customers who dispatch more than 200 merchandise shipments (parcel and/or Warenpost shipments) overall each year. Customers can select between "standard" and "premium" shipping. The standard shipping option is more affordable, but like domestic letter mail does not include shipment tracking and liability. These options are only available in the premium version.

"With Warenpost International, we offer our business customers additional high-quality options for the international shipping of small-format goods at attractive prices," says Alexander Schauer, who is responsible for Export/Crossborder Product Management at Post & Parcel Germany. “Transport within the mail network enables high transit time quality worldwide particularly with premium shipping. We offer shippers a unique cost/benefit ratio."

Customers can also send Warenpost International items in a climate-friendly way with the "GoGreen surcharge" of €0.20 per shipment irrespective of the destination country.

"Global shipping continues to expand very rapidly, particularly for small-format and lightweight items," explains Alexander Schauer. "That has prompted us to more closely align Warenpost International to the needs of our e-commerce customers. This means customers will be able to ship all domestic and international merchandise shipments through DHL Parcel and Deutsche Post using uniform systems and harmonized processes, and track the progress of their items. In this way, we are reducing complexity and helping our customers remain competitive in this key growth segment."

Source: Deutsche Post DHL Group

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