Organisational Announcement

Changes within the PostEurop Board of Directors, Market Activities Circle (MAC), Operational Activities Circle (OAC), UPU & Restricted Unions Affairs Committee (UAC) and within the Corporate Social Responsibility Circle (CSR-C)

We would like to inform you of the recent changes within the PostEurop Board of Directors, Market Activities Circle (MAC), Operational Activities Circle (OAC), UPU & Restricted Unions Affairs Committee (UAC) and within the Corporate Social Responsibility Circle (CSR-C) following the 125th Management Board meeting last December.

PostEurop Board of Directors

Simona Bratuša (Pošta Slovenije d.o.o.) has replaced Marjan Osvald as member of the Board of Directors as of 1 January 2022, when Marjan took on the role of Deputy Director General of the Universal Postal Union (UPU).

Simona has more than 25 years of progressive responsibility in international postal strategy, cooperation and sales. Currently, she is adviser in the Executive Management’s Office of Pošta Slovenije, where she is responsible for the international cooperation, relations with the international postal organisations and coordination of international affairs within the company.

Market Activities Circle (MAC)

In the same context, Simona Bratuša (Pošta Slovenije d.o.o.) also took over as Chair of the Market Activities Circle (MAC), in which she has been actively participating. 

Operational Activities Circle (OAC)

In close cooperation with PostEurop’s Operations Manager, the Performance & Operations Working Group ensure improvement to the interoperability of the European and Global Postal Network, back-to-back with the Operational Data Working Group. The “principle” of the Working Group is to play an active role together with its Members (and partners) in order to achieve a higher end-to-end Quality of Service within Europe.

Drazen Ladis (Hrvatska pošta d.d.) has been appointed as the new Chair of the Performance & Operations Working Group, succeeding Marko Grden (Pošta Slovenije d.o.o.).

Anna Lanfranco (Poste Italiane S.p.A.) and Tadas Drunga (Omniva (Eesti Post)) have been appointed co-Vice-Chairs and will be supporting Drazen in the Working Group.

Anna has been working for Poste Italiane for the past thirty years, where she has been involved in many different PostEurop, UPU and IPC activities and projects (on international logistics, quality monitoring, development of operational systems, Parcels/EMS multilateral and bilateral agreements, interface with IT and Customer Service). Her experience in many different fields throughout the years makes her a valuable resource for the Company, and now as Vice-Chair, she wishes to share that knowledge and help to improve services amongst PostEurop Members.

Tadas is Head of International Business Development at Omniva. He began his career working for the transport sector for companies such as AirBaltic and Kuehne – Nagel which gave him valuable experience in logistics area. At the end of 2014 he joined Lithuania Post, as a project manager of International Business Department and later as a Head of the same department. In 2021, after 7 years in Lithuania Post, he decided to join Eesti Post (Omniva), where his main responsibilities are within the International Business Development department. As Vice-Chair of the Working Group, Tadas hopes to share his knowledge and best practices, to try and bring the Postal sector closer to the needs of a fast-evolving e-commerce business.

UPU and Restricted Unions Affairs Committee (UAC)

The UPU Reform Working Group and the UPU Pension Fund & New Contribution System Working Group will be disbanded as these topics were closed during the UPU Congress in Abidjan, last August. These two Working Groups had been successfully chaired throughout the years by Elisabeth Massonnet (Le Groupe La Poste) and Emmanuel Jud (Swiss Post) respectively.

A new Opening of the UPU Working Group will be established following the new UPU cycle, as a transformation of the previous task group on the same subject, and Vincenzo Aurelio (Poste Italiane) has been appointed to become its Chair.

Vincenzo is Head of Relations with International Authorities and Organizations at Poste Italiane, where he has been working for more than thirty years. He has consolidated experience in the Postal Services sector, with a particular focus on the international market. His career began as IT Manager, leading several development projects in the areas of technological innovation, and was later appointed Management Control Manager. He provided a relevant contribution in the areas of ERP system developments, benchmark analysis of the postal Industry at the European level and on several USO-related projects.  In 2008, he was appointed Manager of International Accounting and Statistics, by undertaking a fruitful collaboration with the UPU and IPC. Within the UPU, he was Co-Chair of the POC Committee 3 (Electronic Services and Markets Development), and he is Co-Charing the Committee 1 (Supply Chain) in this cycle.

Corporate Social Responsibility Circle (CSR-C)

The Societal Working Group has been disbanded as part of the streamlining process of the organisational structure of PostEurop. Its activities will be continued under the general umbrella of the CSR-C.

On behalf of all Members, we would like to welcome Simona, Drazen, Anna, Tadas and Vincenzo in their new roles and wish them all the success in their respective function. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank Marjan, Marko, Elisabeth and Emmanuel for all the accomplishments and contributions to the PostEurop community.


Botond Szebeny
PostEurop Secretary General

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