Norway Post urges customers to pick up their package as soon as they can

Norway Post delivered a record volumes of parcels last year and it is at the same level this year. There are a lot of packages at delivery points all over the country that are now waiting to be picked up and there are new large volumes on its way out.

"In the last week, we have handled around two million packages at our terminals. There are now a lot of packages at the country's delivery points at the same time as there are a lot of new packages on the way out. We now encourage everyone to pick up packages as soon as they receive a pick-up message, it will be a great help" says Kenneth Tj√łnndal Pettersen, press manager at Norway Post.

The big driver behind the high package volumes is due to increased e-commerce activities. Norway Post has implemented a number of measures to increase capacity and ensure delivery quality throughout Christmas:

  1. Around 1,000 extra employees have been brought in from all over the country who work at terminals and as couriers
  2. Norway Post has around 800 more delivery points than at the same time last year. In total, Norway Post has around 2,500 delivery points for parcels in Norway and it is continuously increasing.
  3. Parcel  boxes have been set up in several hundred places across the country where customers can pick up packages from the online store around the clock.
  4. Posten and Bring's logistics center at Alnabru has further increased capacity and can now handle more than 300,000 parcels a day.
  5. Customer service has increased by 40 people and the opening hours by phone have been extended to kl. 19 on all weekdays until Christmas Eve. Automatic customer service with a speech robot is available around the clock and can help with e.g. tracking.
  6. More vans for home delivery. In Greater Oslo alone, 30 new vans have been installed for home delivery in the evening.

Source: Posten Norge

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