The Norway post office with 24-hour parcel boxes in 1000 places

Large parcel volumes have led Norway Post to establish many more delivery points. In the last year, parcel boxes have been set up all over the country where customers can pick up parcels around the clock. In Trondheim, it was marked yesterday that Posten Norge has placed parcel boxes in over 60 places in the city - and that Posten Norge currently has parcel boxes in 1000 different places in Norway.

"In the last year, Norway Post (Posten Norge) has established 50 new serviced delivery points and placed parcel boxes in 1000 different places. We have now passed 2,660 locations where customers can pick up packages in Norway. The mail must be easily accessible and customers can pick up packages their packages in a flexible way. We noticed that the self-service parcel boxes have in a short time become a popular and important supplement to our serviced delivery points" says Tone Wille, CEO of Norway Post.

In total, parcel boxes have been deployed at 63 locations in Trondheim and Norway Post has a total of 107 delivery locations in the city including Post in stores and other serviced delivery locations. In Trondheim, 72 per cent of Norway Post's car fleet consists of electric vehicles and it is these that deliver the packages to the city's parcel boxes. During the first half of 2022, all of Norway Post's forms of parcel deliveries in Trondheim will take place with electric vans.

Parcels are chosen as delivery option when shopping online. When the package is to be picked up, customers use the Posten app on their mobile phones to open the door.

"Experience so far shows that more than half of the packages in the package boxes are picked up by customers already in the first 24 hours" Wille says.

During the pre-Christmas period last year, record quantities of packages were handled and this year's Christmas traffic is at about the same level. There are large quantities of parcels on their way to the country's delivery points and Norway Post encourages everyone to pick up parcels quickly when they receive a pick-up message.

Norway Post plans to deploy more parcel boxes in 2022.

Source: Posten Norge

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