Dads called Jānis, Andris and Māris in Riga, Valmiera, Liepāja and Tukums are most actively greeted with the Father’s Day postcards

Most greetings in the form of the Father’s Day postcards offered by Latvijas Pasts and the Latvian parents’ organisation, just like last year, will go to fathers called Jānis, Andris and Māris.

However, compared to the Father’s Day postcard sending campaign in 2020, the top of the recipient cities has changed slightly: most greeting postcards will traditionally travel to Riga, Valmiera and Liepāja, as well as Tukums. The postcards which were filled in correctly on the website during the campaign will be delivered to the addressees in the Republic of Latvia by Father's Day, which is celebrated in Latvia on the 12th of September this year.

This year dads across Latvia will receive 7,000 greeting postcards as part of the Father’s Day postcard sending campaign. The majority of greetings – 786 postcards – are addressed to the holders of the invariably most popular male name in Latvia – Jānis, which is well ahead of Andris with 321 postcards and Māris with 268 postcards. This is the order in which the three most common names of dads, who received most Father’s Day postcard greetings during the campaign, also ranked in 2020. Popular names of postcard recipients this year too are Edgars, Juris, Mārtiņš, Aivars, Kaspars, Uldis and Guntis. Compared to the last year’s campaign, there is no Ivars among the top ten names of postcard recipients this year.

Dads living in Riga will receive most postcards – 1,050, while outside the capital, just like the previous year, most postcards will go to Valmiera – 590 and Liepāja – 523. Unlike the 2020 campaign, the third largest number of postcards outside Riga this year was addressed to dads in Tukums – 468, but a year ago it was Sigulda. However, also this year many greetings are intended for fathers in Cēsis, Ogre, Jelgava, Sigulda, Bauska and Ventspils.

This is the seventh year in a row that Latvijas Pasts and the Latvian parents’ organisation called on everyone to greet dads with a special greeting on Father’s Day by logging in through their accounts on social networks Facebook or Twitter on the website and sending one of the postcards prepared by Latvijas Pasts. Postcards will be received in a timely manner by all recipients in the Republic of Latvia with the accurately specified address, including a correct postal code; otherwise, the postcard may travel longer to the recipient. In order to make sure that the postcode is correct, an address verification tool has been integrated into the postcard sending website.

By combining the old tradition of sending postcards with the possibilities offered by modern digital technology, Latvijas Pasts has been organising the postcard sending campaigns on social networks since 2011. The most popular of them are dedicated to Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

Source: Latvijas Pasts

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