Swiss Post launches ePost App to give the public mobile access to their own letter box

It is now possible to pay bills, receive insurance or banking correspondence digitally and much more by simply reaching into your pocket.

Swiss Post is launching the new ePost App, a very simple, yet secure solution for handling confidential data. The app takes Swiss Post’s digital services into a new era. It is available to private customers as well as many companies and public authorities. Some of the first partners to use the app include the bank Credit Suisse and insurer Vaudoise Assurances.

Today, Swiss Post is launching the new ePost App. Customers can use the app to receive mail securely and digitally from a variety of companies and organizations, to store documents or to scan in physical mail directly. But the ePost App can do so much more. Users can also process documents and pay digital bills with the app itself. It is designed in such a way that many different companies, organizations and public authorities can use it with their own applications (e.g. for payment transactions) as well. This will make the new app a hub for digital correspondence between companies and their customers. It is now available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. As was the case with its predecessor, E-Post Office, the new app offers an additional, fee-based scanning service that allows customers to obtain scans of their letter mail.

A milestone for the new Communication Services unit

For Swiss Post, this represents a major milestone in going digital. With the ePost App, Swiss Post is taking the first step in its “Swiss Post of tomorrow” strategy to bring mail secrecy into the digital world, and into the pockets of the Swiss public.

Nicole Burth, Head of the Communication Services unit, and Member of Executive Management at Swiss Post, is delighted with the launch: “The ePost App is more than just another app on our smartphones. It will allow us to create an entire ecosystem for numerous companies and private customers. This digital letter box will make handling letter mail more straightforward, as well as simplifying time-consuming admin that the Swiss public have to do each day. The ePost App is easy to use, but also secure thanks to multi-stage user verification and encrypted data.”

Credit Suisse and Vaudoise Assurances both on board

A number of partners are set to start using the ePost App with their own services from 1 July 2021. Private customers at the major bank Credit Suisse can link their account to the ePost App, and pay for bills they receive by post directly via the app. This will save them time and effort without having to sacrifice any security. Meanwhile, Vaudoise Assurances offers their customers the option of receiving their post digitally through the ePost App. Other partners expected to join from 1 July 2021 onwards include the Fédération des Entreprises Romandes (FER) and the Tax Office of the Canton of Lucerne. Swiss Post wants to continue expanding its range of products and services, and is in talks with many other partners in the insurance sector, public authorities and banks.

Collaboration with KLARA Business Ltd

The new ePost App was created by developers from KLARA Business Ltd, a Lucerne-based company specializing in digital services. Swiss Post has been a majority shareholder in this IT solutions specialist since 2020. KLARA has experience in programming modular, cloud-based, user-friendly solutions. More than 25,000 SMEs are already using the services provided by KLARA today.

Source: Swiss Post

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