Now the Inhabitants of All the Villages Will Be Able to Order Medicines at the Post Offices of Haypost

Now the inhabitants of all the regions of Armenia can order medicines and receive them in maximum three days from the post office of their residence place.

Even the inhabitants of the most remote regions can order any medicines available in Yerevan.

Haypost got a license of pharmaceutical activity from the Ministry of Health Care of the RA. The pilot project had been launched in December 2020 in 10 regional villages of Armenia. At the moment the program runs in all 757 post offices of all the regions.

Within the framework of the new comprehensive development program launched at Haypost in summer under the motto “In the village as in town” it is planned to make both government, financial, banking and a series of commercial services more available in rural communities.

It is noteworthy that the medicines ordered at Haypost have the same price as in Yerevan's pharmacies.

"This initiative resolves quite a serious social issue especially for the inhabitants of the rural areas. That is the reason why the pilot project launched 1.5 month ago in ten rural communities was finalized as fast and possible and now it is possible to order medicines and get them in maximum three days not only in Yerevan, but also in the post offices of all the communities. Sometimes even the pharmacies of the regional centers lack for certain medicines, sometimes it is impossible to get even the most basic medicines as there is no pharmacy in the village. Now this problem will be resolved just visiting the post office of Haypost and ordering the necessary medicine. By the way, very soon Haypost will allow ordering from abroad even very expensive medicines which are hard to find in Armenia" the CEO of Haypost Hayk Karapetyan indicates.

Source: “Haypost" CJSC

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